Diamonds in the Rough

What happens when you end up going to Disneyland but life unfolds right in front of your eyes? When your life comes flying upside down but in the perfect way? Well that happened to Maddy and Alli. Follow the bumpy romance of two small town girls who end up going to Disneyland for Spring Break and end up finding the loves of there life. When there life gets turned upside down but in the most perfect way. Will they crack under pressure? Will they take a sudden change in heart? You will have to read to find out what happens to these Diamonds in the Rough.


10. Spending time together

Harry's P.O.V.

I wake up from a small screech from across the room I think. I quickly open my eyes totally forgetting I fell asleep on the couch. I fall flat on my face. Smooth Harry Smooth. I finally make my way to my feet. i jump over to Alli. Asking if everything is okay. She says yes I just didn't know where I am. So where am I? Oh your at our hotel. I say. We were interrupted by a knock on my door. i walk slowly over to the door still a little asleep. i open the door to see a very stressed out Maddy. She pushes me aside and runs over to Alli they must have a very close relationship. Maddy immediately asks Alli how shes feeling and Alli replies doing fine but her eyes never leave mine. Maddy says lets get you in some clean clothes Alli. She agrees and All asks what she is going to wear. I reply you can just borrow some of Eleanor's clothes.I will just go to there room and ask Eleanor. I run down the hall as fast as I can I really don't want to be away from Alli. I finally get to Louis and Eleanor's room And knock as fast as I can. Louis finally answers with every messed up hair. I say hey can Alli,Maddy and Eleanor get dressed together. Alli and Maddy have nothing to wear they haven't gone by there hotel yet. Eleanor is immediately at the door her hair all tangled. She says i will be there in a few. I run back to my room and find Alli and Maddy in a deep conversation. I wonder about what. I walk in slowly and tell Alli and Maddy that Eleanor will be up hear in a few. The nod their heads. I genitally sweep up Alli in my arms saying sorry to Maddy to taking her away from her. I carry Alli down the stairs to the kitchen her head snuggled into the crock of my neck the whole time. I finally make my way to the kitchen and sit Alli on the counter with her foot propped up the counter. She bites her bottom lip. I ask her chocolate or vanilla. She replies chocolate. I make her some chocolate waffles in the waffle maker that's sitting on the counter. I put the waffles on the plate put some butter on the waffles and start to pour spry on the waffles and hand Alli a fork. Once Alli is about to bite into her waffles Niall is right behind her and giving me a weird look. Alli slowly notices Niall behind her. He is still starring at the waffles. Alli slowly gets dpwn from the counter and hands Niall her waffles. Niall has the biggest smile you have ever seen in your whole life. Man this girl is so many wonderful things and she's giving that is just like a cherry on top. Niall finishes the waffles in less than a couple minutes after Alli gives him them. Eleanor walks right past the kitchen lugging around a bunch of clothes and shoes. She sees Alli and she asks where are we getting dressed at. I immediately say you can set up in my room. I gently swoop up Alli in my arms and carry her back to my room.I set her down on the bed and whisper in her ear that was sweet of you to give those waffles to Niall but you get the next batch. She nods and I start to walk down the stairs not wanting to be away from Alli. But i don"t think its right to be in there when shes changing so i hurry down the stairs to see all the boys on the couch and Perrie curled up to Zayn. Perrie didn't notice that I walked in she was fiddling with her engagement ring from Zayn. All of the boys noticed that i walked in with out Alli but Louis knew what they were doing. Perrie all the girls are upstairs getting dressed to you want to go up and help I say bluntly. She immediately jumps up from the couch and runs upstairs. And all you heard was a door shut. I start to make some more waffles. As Liam asks how Alli feels I say she is doing fine. But they can all tell that I'm missing something. I finished making all the waffles before I go and sit on one of the couches next to Niall. Liam goes you really love Alli don't you. I was kinda thrown back but relived that someone noticed about the question. I ask how come he asked that question her replied well we heard you carry her down stairs and we all opened our doors when you set her down on the counter. We all saw the way you look at her she means so much to you. And personally I do't want to be rude or anything but why her what do u see in her. He says cutting straight to the point no sugar coating at all. Well I say trying to trying to put together a proper sentence. I finally get one and I say I can't describe the feeling I can just see my future when i look at her. Once I say that all the boys nod their head and in agreement. Then you hear Liam's name called down from my room where all the girls are. I immediately jump up and start running up the stairs with Liam right next to me. It was Eleanor who yelled down the stairs. I start asking if everything is okay her nods her head yes and says we need Liam to help carry down Alli because we wanted to surprise you with her new look. I gently nod my head not wanting to leave but I do trust Liam. I walk down the stairs and tell the boys that basically the girls are having a fashion show and they want us to see their new looks. You hear Liam yell down First comes Maddy and out comes Maddy she does a little twirl. She is wear a Crazy Mofos shirt just like Niall's with black jeans. Niall immediately jumps up and kisses her and says you look good. And she sits on his lap. Next is Perrie you hear Liam call down once again. Perrie walks down she is wearing high waisted shorts with Zayn's varsity jacket on. Zayn picks her up and twirls her around and they sit down on the couch. Next is Eleanor. Eleanor comes down and is wear a blazer and jeans. and Louis and her sit on the couch together. Next is Alli. Finally I say. Alli comes down in Liam's arms and she is wear a blue polka dotted dress with my blazer on. She looks beautiful I take her from Liams arms and i start to kiss her and we sit down on the couch I whisper in her ear you look gorgeous. She giggles slightly. We all start talking and we deiced to go to the all and Alli and Maddy's hotel to get stuff for the tour. All the guys ran to their rooms to get dressed as the girls ate breakfast. I ran up to my room as fast as I could and started to look through all my clothes and I couldn't find anything that I would look nice in standing next to Alli. I finally just deiced on some jeans and a button down shirt. I walk down the stairs to see Alli curled up with a plate of waffles. I sit right next to her and she says you look nice. But it didn't really sound like that she had her mouth stuffed with waffles. I was the last boy getting down from changing.We all loaded up in the car and headed to the mall. We finally get their and and all of us had to put sunglasses and hats on so we weren't mobbed my fans. We all headed in and everybody split up Louis and Eleanor went one way. Maddy and Niall another. Perrie and Zayn another also. So Liam just tagged along with us. I carried Alli everywhere we ended up getting all the guys clothes first then we started to go to a store for Alli we walk in and Liam finally says not to be rude or anything but what size do you wear. Alli  just blushed a deep dark shade of red and looked to the floor. Liam says it doesn't make what size you are you will always be beautiful to us. i nod my head in agreement. Alli finally says shakily large on bottoms and X-large in tops. Liam runs off to one side of the store and me and Alli to another. we find lots of clothes. then the girls meet up to go get girly stuff if you know what I mean. We all just sit out side and play on our phones. Alli's having some struggle moving around but she will do fine all the girls are helping her.They come out and we go to Maddy and Alli's hotel Maddy and Niall run up to get their clothes and stuff we all squished up with all the shopping bags we have we all started talking and deiced to order some food and a movie for dinner tonight. Niall and Maddy come running out with very pink faces. We all ask what happened and they start explaining well we were up in the hotel room and we were packing up all of our stuff and we or may not have turned it into a kissing game and then we walked out still playing and Niall's sunglasses feel off and paparazzi got a picture of us making out. We all started laughing hysterically. But we forgot what Paul was going to say about this because he didn't want the girls to get hate for dating us. I say out loud well theirs two things we need to do one tell Paul abut the picture and two call management and tell them that the girls are going to come on tour with us. Niall makes the call to Paul and Paul seems a little mad but also happy that we told him and didn't lie about it. I start to make the call to management. I start sweating from nervous and Alli just grabs my hand and says everything will be okay. I say that we are bringing our girlfriends no matter what and surprisingly they say okay and that the bus will be at the hotel tomorrow so we can load everything in it. I tell everyone what they said. The were surprised also. We drive over to a local pizza parlor and Louis jumps out to get some pizza and I jump out to go get a movie from a Walmart right next to it.i come back in with the notebook and marlie and me in hand. Everybody wanted to watch those movies. Louis came back in the car with five pizzas and we drove home and we all got snuggled up on the couch Alli right next to me I was feeding her pizzas as she was doing the same to me. WE finished our pizzas and she snuggled up really close and i could feel her arms slowly come around my waist and i did the same to her. We got to the end of the Notebook and then we popped in the other movie we got to the end of that and everybody was crying Alli was bawling on my shoulder and i was crying too. We deiced to go too bed because tomorrow we will have to load up the tor bus and thats a lot of work. I carry Alli up stair after we said our good nights.I lay Alli Down on the bed and i walk into the bathroom to change into some PJ's luckily Alli already had hers on.I cam back with Pajama pants on and no shirt and just started biting her lip. I lay down on the couch and I hear Alli say you can't sleep on that come sleep up here. I ask one more time what she said and she said the exact same thing. I slowly get up and crawl into bed and snuggle up next to Alli she starts to trace my tattoos. I was thinking to myself I should have took off my shirt sooner.her fingers leave a tingling sensation on my skin. She asks what do you think your lifes going to be like in the future. I say have no idea but i know it's gonna be with you. Then he says what if we break up. I will always be hear. She blushes. If you love me then why don't you tell all your fans the whole world? I reply I will tell the whole world I whisper in her ear my girlfriend is Alli and I love her every much. What was that for she asks. I told the world or a lest my whole world. She bites her bottom lip again and i just kiss her. WE break away and we both try to go to sleep but we can't. Alli turns to me ans say I cant sleep I take her in my arms and start to sing Isn't She lovely to her. She slowly goes to sleep. I close my eyes feeling her gently breathing on my neck and just think how would I ever be able to tell her how much I love her. Then I kissed her forehead and said I will love you forever and always . Then I feel asleep. Planning out my life with my wonderful wonderful girlfriend.  

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