Diamonds in the Rough

What happens when you end up going to Disneyland but life unfolds right in front of your eyes? When your life comes flying upside down but in the perfect way? Well that happened to Maddy and Alli. Follow the bumpy romance of two small town girls who end up going to Disneyland for Spring Break and end up finding the loves of there life. When there life gets turned upside down but in the most perfect way. Will they crack under pressure? Will they take a sudden change in heart? You will have to read to find out what happens to these Diamonds in the Rough.


4. Luggage

Maddy's P.O.V.


The plane landed and we got off. Alli got her luggage, but they lost mine! I was flipping out! I caused a big scene. Then, Alli said that I could just borrow some of her things. So I just shrugged it off because we were in FREAKIN' CALIFORNIA!

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