Diamonds in the Rough

What happens when you end up going to Disneyland but life unfolds right in front of your eyes? When your life comes flying upside down but in the perfect way? Well that happened to Maddy and Alli. Follow the bumpy romance of two small town girls who end up going to Disneyland for Spring Break and end up finding the loves of there life. When there life gets turned upside down but in the most perfect way. Will they crack under pressure? Will they take a sudden change in heart? You will have to read to find out what happens to these Diamonds in the Rough.


11. Loading the tour bus

Alli's P.O.V.

I woke up with Harry's strong arms wrapped around my waist. I tried to wiggle out but later deiced that it would be better if I just enjoy it as much as I possibly can. I gently place my head on his neck and breath i his heavenly scent. Also remembering the things her told me yesterday and still replaying him singing me to sleep. I remember thinking alone i my room this is how my life is going to be I'm going to be dating Harry Styles and he will sing me to sleep all the time. I guess I always day dreamed but didn't think they were every going to happen. But I am glad it worked out that way. I close my eyes again thinking of all the things I want to happen and might actually. I'm slowly drifting back to sleep. When I hear our door open and all i heard was Liam and Louis. Should we really be in there personal time more importantly trying to photograph it Liam says. Oh who cares I'm just going to post it on twitter. Now shut up Liam. Louis says sounding harsh. OK...OK... hearing Liam's voice trail off. All I  hear  is Louis' camera on his phone click meaning her took the picture. What should I put as my caption. I got it. Once Louis posted that on Twitter the he yelled time to get the tour bus ready love birds. Harry slows opens his eyes. I start rubbing his back to waking him up. He turns to kiss me but the his phone starts ringing off the hook. Oh no why this early he says with his morning voice. He opens his phone up. I move my head more on his chest so I can see whats going on. I look at the phone and it's the picture Louis posted of us sleeping. Harry shoots him a death glare from across the room. Louis runs out of the room as fast as possible. Liam standing there like help me. Harry asks Liam if he had anything to do with it.I say immediately before Harry gets Liam too No babe he had nothing to do with it. How do you know? Harry says with Liam backing him up with Ya how do you know. I turn to Harry and says First of all Babe calm down nothing really bad happened and I know what happened cause I was awake. I just didn't want to get up plus I can't. Harry looked at me with a lot more calm eyes than before. Liam was just still amazed that they didn't realize that I was awake. Finally I saw Wait... why were you upset in the first place. Harry looks at me and says I just don't want you to get hurt. I bite my bottom lip knowing it drives Harry crazy. Harry cupped my face and we started kissed and he bites my bottom lip asking for entrance. I agree his tongue slips into mouth slowly. i slip mine in his never have done this to him but he feels right. With him just because I have a feeling we will spend the rest of our lives together.He starts to kiss down my neck and a let a moan slip out and a heavy whisper of Harry stop. Liam starts yelling get a room and you've scared me forever running down the stairs. Harry backs away and says well now we know another way to get Liam out of our room. I giggle and bite my lip at his morning and make out voice. He sweeps me up from the bed and carries me down stairs still in is PJ's we end up in the kitchen him cooking then all the sudden my phone rings.Harry runs to go get it and i answer not even bothering to look at caller ID. It was the hospital they said that i can put pressure on m foot and in a few weeks start running again. I tell Harry the good news. And he looks disappointed. I ask him why the sour face. He replies with now I can't carry you every where. Then I reply immediately who said you can't babe I didn't and aren't I the one getting carried around.Then he smiles so big with dimples and everything and of course I poke them I mean who wouldn't want to. Harry and I walk more like hobble around the hotel waking them up  they all woke up with smiles on there faces. It felt really good to see. The girls and I doing the exact same thing we did yesterday with the clothes. I hobbled up stairs to get dressed while the boys stayed down stairs talking about who knows what. I get to the room finally. I sit around the room with all the girls and Eleanor says so what did you and Harry do last night cause we didn't hear anything so I was wondering if everything was okay. I said of course everything is fine why wouldn't it been be talked for a bit and we snuggled up next to each other and he sand me to sleep when i couldn't fall asleep. They all look at me. I was just sitting there like what. Then Perrie spoke up I saw the picture that Louis posted i Twitter and we were all wondering what when on last night because last night you guys didn't sleep in the same bed. I say nothing went on last night. WE then all agreed to drop the subject. I was wondering how Maddy's relationship was going with Niall. But I haven't asked yet I will probably just ask her when she's alone. I helped Perrie pick out her outfit which was some skinny jeans and a tee shirt. Eleanor with overalls and a green v neck under. Maddy with shorts and a tee shirt. And I deiced to wear a tank top with skinny jeans. I really needed to take a shower so i got in and told the girls that i will be down in a bit to help with the tour bus. I start to get in the shower and put my phone out and put it on shuffle and then get in. It felt so nice to have the hot water fall on your body. I start putting shampoo in my hair and my scrubbing my hair when a Ed Sheeran song came on and I start singing my heart out. And  i hear our door open but then hearing Harry call out and tell me he was coming in but not going in the bathroom just getting dressed. I said okay and got back to my singing. I could hear muffled noises of Harry getting dressed through the bathroom door. I slowly finish up my regular routine and get dressed and walk out of the bathroom to see Harry sitting on the bed with out a shirt on. I ask him what he is doing and he replies with I was getting dressed but I got distracted my your beautiful voice echoing through out the room from the shower.I looked down at the ground not knowing that he was listening or I wouldn't would have been singing. Don't look down on the ground and be all shy about it love you sounded wonderful. I look up very surprised. Would you sing for everyone sometime. I say maybe but only if Maddy sings with me. He looks up in shock Maddy can sing too. I nod my head. Do you think you would every sing for Simon and maybe get a singing contract. I reply immediately It's been on of my dreams since I was about 11. WE agree that we will have to do it sometime. He finally puts his shirt on. And we walk down to the tour bus to load up. Harry and I walk in hand in hand.He walks to the very back of the tour bus and opens a locked door with a key and whispers huskily in my ear this is our room. It was light shades of pink and there were empty picture frames and some of them were full of mine and Harry's family. I hugged him not believing that this actually happened. I asked him how he knew what my favorite color was pink And he replied with I have contentions aka The girls. I just smile but then ask him why there are so many empty picture frames. Well I put a lot of extra picture frames because were going on tour I thought we could make some memories of our own to fill these frames with just like our families did. I kiss him and tell him he is so romantic. I sit down on the bed still taking in this wonderful surprise. The bed spread is black silk and it feels like nothing I've ever felt before. We both start packing up all of our clothes in the closet and then do the bathroom. We walk out to see everyone on the couch looking very tired. They immediately ask how the room looks and I say Oh my goodness it's like the awesomest thing I've ever seen in my whole life. And also the most romantic. The girls say I'm glad you like it. All the guys jump up wanting to see the room they walk back and look at it and come back and say it does look pretty cool. I looked at the clock And it was already midnight we stayed up way to long talking. I nudge Harry in the elbow to look at the clock and he nods his head and says out loud Alli and I are going to go to sleep now. We walk back to our room I run into the bathroom to change into my PJ's which were some shorts and one of Harry's shirts. I get into bed and snuggle up with Harry and he slowly sneaks his arms around my waist and leaves them of my lower back. With one hand rubbing my back. I just want to say I loved this surprise so much babe I whisper to Harry. It was worth seeing your face Harry says. WE kiss each other goodnight. And I can feel that Harry can't go to sleep and so I ask and he says no. He asks if I will sing him to sleep I agree and start to sing wake me up by Ed Sheeran gently in his ear. Once I know he's asleep I kiss him on the cheek and say I love you and drift off into a dream of touring with my romantic boyfriend and all the memories were going to make.     

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