1D Birds and Little Ladies (1D & Little Mix-Grease Fan Fic)

Niall and Jade fell in love with each other over summer break. But what happens when Jade has to leave Ireland and go back to the U.K.? Well, when her famly decides to move Ireland she plans on finding Niall Horan, her prince in shining armor. But what will she do when Niall, being the leader of the 'bad boy' 1D Birds has to hold his bad boy rep. and can't be with a 'goody- two- shoes' like Jade? Read to find out.


38. Chapter 37

The girls rushed to Perrie's car after getting out of school on Friday afternoon. They were all so excited to be heading into London to get their prom dresses. They knew they would be the best looking girls there at prom. 

As the girls rushed to meet Perrie's mom at the airport they talked sang the song they were planning on performing in two weeks at the final show. 

"I really love our song," Leigh Anne smiled after they had finished for the third time. 

"It still sounds really good all acapella," Jade said to Jesy. 

"Wait," Demi said from the front seat. "Is it safe for Jesy to fly?"

There was a collective 'um' going around as they pulled into the parking lot in the airport. 

"I already checked," Jesy rolled her eyes at the girls. "Doctor said I would be fine."

The sigh of relief was overwhelming as the girls grabbed their small overnight bags and headed inside to meet Perrie's mom.

The flight from Ireland to London was short but it was late into the night when they arrived in London. Perrie's mom had reserved two hotel rooms. 

"Now," she smiled between the eager faces. "I am going to give you girls a room by yourself."

She handed the card key over to Perrie. 

"I already notified the manager to call me if there is any funny business," she smiled. "Now go have fun girls. I need to get a fax so I will check in you all in an hour."

The girls walked as fast as they could to the lift that would take them to the fifteenth where they would stay tonight and tomorrow before returning home. 

"This is so surreal," Jade smiled as the lift doors closed and slowly started moving upward. "I haven't been back in Britain since I moved."

The lift ride did not take long but soon they were running down the hallway toward the room, with Jesy slowly walking behind them. 

"Don't mind me!" she yelled after the girls. "Pregnant girl does not wish to run!" 

The girls laughed and stopped to wait for Jesy at the door so they could all enter the room together. Perrie's mom had reserved a suite for them so they could enjoy their stay.

"I hate to ruin the party," Jesy said walking through the door. "But pregnant girl is tired."

Everyone laughed, realizing they should go ahead and get some sleep. They would be spending the entire next day shopping so they had to get beauty rest. 

Jesy took a bed by herself simply because she was pregnant and the rest of the girls were scared they may hit her stomach. Leigh Anne and Demi grabbed the second bed and that left Jade and Perrie to sleep in the final bed. 

Leigh Anne and Demi soon fell asleep which left Perrie and Jade the only two still awake in the room.

“I am so glad you are a part of the group Jade,” Perrie said with a big smile.

“Really? I couldn’t tell. I have never had friends that would be this nice to me. Well to be honest I never really had friends,” Jade stared at the ceiling. “That is part of the reason that my dad took the job in Ireland. He knew I wouldn’t care because what would we really be leaving behind? I was the freak at school.”

“Jade you are not a freak. I am sorry that the kids at your old school did not see that you are such a wonderful person.”

“Niall was the first person to make me feel special,” Jade looked over at Perrie. “Then you were so nice to me when we stopped at the gas station. I couldn’t believe it. Then you all let me into the Little Ladies and sorry that we had to change the name and all of that.”

“It’s no big deal,” Perrie laughed, quietly once she remembered everyone else was asleep. “Little Ladies was a little bit more than lame. Do not even try to say it is not.”

“It did sound a little ridiculous,” Jade laughed. “I like Little Mix more though, plus I think we will be taken more serious.”

“The Little Ladies was just a tradition. My mom was in the Little Ladies. And so was everyone else’s mom. The only reason we all joined.”

Jade raised an eyebrow intrigued to know the rest of the story.

“In year eight,” Perrie began. “Demi and Jesy got into this huge fight. Neither of them knew each other as a legacy only a girl who took the other’s boyfriend. In short, the guy was playing both of them. It was quite ridiculous. I was so shocked to see both of them auditions the next year.

“The previous Little Ladies chose all four of us. We really we not allowed to let you join according to the rules but I knew you would be an asset. The only problem will be when the previous Little Ladies and the previous 1D Birds show up at finals. We could be stripped from the competition.”

“How? We changed our names and everything!” Jade was angry at the doubt Perrie had and the chance of it happening.

“The previous Little Ladies and 1D Birds have a lot of authority in the final winner. It was hard enough tell my mom that we disowned the names after I told them about Zayn and me.”

“I understand,” Jade mumbled. “Well not really because I have neglected to tell my parents about Niall.”

“You really need to tell them soon Jade,” Perrie sighed.

“I know,” she sighed. “Let’s get some sleep though. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”

Jade rolled over and pulled the blanket around her tight.


“Wake up girls!” Jesy screamed before taking a sip of her orange juice. She rolled her eyes as the girls stretched out slowly waking up. “It’s raining so we may want to go ahead and leave before the streets get too bad.”

The girls groaned mainly because they were used to sleeping in on Saturday plus Jesy just seemed too peppy for eight am.

After an hour the girls were ready to make a plan for their adventure. Five girls on a mission to find the best dresses possible that would wow every guy at prom but most importantly their boyfriend.

“Lipsy’s is a wonderful dress shop,” Jade suggested. “We should start there and then if we cannot find anything there then we may have to go to one of the larger boutiques.”

“Sounds good!” everyone else agreed as they left the hotel.

The walk to Lipsy’s wasn’t too far from the hotel. Only a few blocks down so they did not even bother getting a cab.

“So let’s all focus on getting Jesy a dress first,” Leigh Anne said taking Jesy’s hand.

“You girls do not have to worry about me,” Jesy started. “I may not even go to prom.”

“Oh you are going!” Demi added attitude to her voice.

“We’ll get Jesy’s dress first then,” Perrie smiled before making a face at Jesy.

“Well I will not try on anything that is not beautiful and in my taste. And if you girls pick out anything horrendous I will walk out of the store,” Jesy sassed the girls.

“Deal!” they yelled as they began approaching Lipsy’s.

A sales associate met them at the door and smiled being polite and all.

“Hello ladies,” her bright red hair was in a neat bun. “My name is Elizabeth and I will be your helper today. So what is the occasion you are shopping for?”

“Prom,” all five girls answered.

“Oh alright! Lovely, what type of dresses were you interested in?” Elizabeth asked the girls.

“Well first we have to find a dress for her,” Perrie said pulling Jesy to the front of the group.

“Being pregnant they believe it is going to be a bit of hard work to find me a dress. Let’s prove them wrong Elizabeth,” Jesy winked at her.

“We have plenty of dresses that are loose fitting enough for the soon to be mother. Not a problem,” Elizabeth sounded over enthusiastic but the girls knew it was only for her job. “What style of dress were you looking for?”

“I don’t like clean cut things. I want a bit of an edge,” Jesy looked over at Elizabeth. “Do you have anything like that?”

“Well I can think of two off the top of my head. If they do not work I will let you and your friends browse the store.”

The girls seemed satisfied with Elizabeth’s decision.

“If you ladies would like to meet me in the dressing room,” she pointed to the back corner of the store. “I will happily go get the two dresses I have in mind.”

The girls of Little Mix headed toward the back of the store while Elizabeth departed to find the dresses. The girls were amazed at how large the dressing room was and even by the spotless, white couches.

Another sales associate brought in a tray that had sparkling water with lime zest in and offered it to the girls. Then Elizabeth came into the room with two designer, white bags containing dresses.

Slowly Elizabeth unzipped the first bag to reveal a white and purple dress with little flair about it. The dress had a mermaid bottom and would fit too tight on Jesy.

“Um no,” Jesy said before Elizabeth could even take it all the way out of the bag.

“You do not want to try it on?” Elizabeth raised her brow certain that Jesy would have liked it.

“No. It is horrid,” Jesy was a little sorry for the rude comment but then realized that it was the truth. “If the next dress looks anything like that then we should just start browsing ourselves,” Jesy went to go stand up but Elizabeth stopped her.

“Let me just show you this second dress first,” she pleaded.

Quickly she zipped back up the first dress and rushed to unzip the other bag to reveal the dress of Jesy’s dreams. It was a teal blue on the top and the bottom was many layers of blue but mainly black sheer panels all different lengths and widths. The front would stop just above her knees and the back would reach the floor without heels.

“So what do you think of this one?” Elizabeth asked.

“It. It is. It is so beautiful!” Jesy said running toward the dress to run her fingers overtop of it to make sure it was real. “So beautiful,” she repeated.

“Try it on Jesy!” Leigh Anne yelled.

After many helping hands taking the big dress off of the hanger and setting it onto the floor for Jesy to step into it was found out the dress looked even better on Jesy than on the hanger.

Jesy went ahead and bought the dress while the rest of the girls scouted the store for their dresses. It did not seem like anyone was having any problems with finding dresses. Elizabeth and other sales associates were helping the girls try on the dresses while Jesy sat back and watched the girls run in and out of the dressing room multiple times.

Six hours later everyone was exhausted and pretty much sick of dresses, and half tempted to never wear a dress again but that would just be silly. The final dress choices had been made and the girls were at checkout.

Perrie’s dress was exactly what she had been looking for. A girly, ball gown dress that would be something to remember for years to come. The top of her ball gown dress was black leather with diamond accents all over in different designs. The bottom was layers upon layers of pink sheer panels that had diamond accents in swirls down it.

Demi’s dress was a little different than what she anticipated. She wanted a WOW dress but once she saw the light peach floor length dress, with a little train, she was sold. It was strapless and would make her breasts look larger than they really were along with the gold and silver accent design on her torso.

Jade’s only requirement for the dress was it had to have a bow on it somewhere somehow. She also kind of wanted a blue dress simply because she liked the color blue so when she came across her dress she knew it would be the one. It was ball gown like which she did not see herself wearing at first but of course plans are subject to change in a flash. The top of the dress was a leather corset with diamond buttons down the front. An electric blue bow was wrapped around the waist before the corset faded into sheer electric blue and charcoal black panels.

Leigh Anne took the longest to find her dress. She wanted an urban style dress or a nineties dress but of course Lipsy’s did not have anything. Leigh Anne did not want to be the reason the girls had to go to another store so she searched the store high and low until she found the most beautiful dress she had even seen. It had been hiding on a rack near the dressing room and Leigh Anne felt foolish for not realizing it was there earlier.

The dress was a white dress, tight fit, covered in red leave cutouts. The dress stopped at the knees but the bottom was covered with white, sheer panels to the floor. The sheer panels were covered with the red cutouts at the bottom and they slowly rose up in occasional places but they did not cover the entire panel.

Satified the girls headed to Racine Restaurant to enjoy a little bit of French food with Perrie’s mother before heading back to the hotel for the night. 




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