1D Birds and Little Ladies (1D & Little Mix-Grease Fan Fic)

Niall and Jade fell in love with each other over summer break. But what happens when Jade has to leave Ireland and go back to the U.K.? Well, when her famly decides to move Ireland she plans on finding Niall Horan, her prince in shining armor. But what will she do when Niall, being the leader of the 'bad boy' 1D Birds has to hold his bad boy rep. and can't be with a 'goody- two- shoes' like Jade? Read to find out.


34. Chapter 33

All the 1D boys just stared at Jesy as Harry jerked the pregnancy test out of Liam's hands. Harry looked between the pregnancy test and Jesy about fifteen times before actually saying something.

"Jesy," he whispered.

Everyone's eyes darted from Jesy to Harry, and back again a few more times. There was an unnerving silence filling the room as everyone waited for the two soon to be parents to speak.

After another five minutes of Jesy and Harry staring at each other Perrie finally spoke up.

"We are all here for you two," her voice was soft. "We support you in any decision that you choose to make."

Everyone chimed in saying 'yeah' or 'defiantly' and now they all waited to see what Harry was about to do.

"Jesy," he started walking toward her. Harry wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled her in close. "I will never leave you. We are going to get through this together."

"Do you mean it?" Jesy said pulling away slightly with tears running down her face.

Harry slowly wiped away her tears and kissed her.

"I don't care about anything else. It's all about you and this baby now," he smiled staring into her eyes.

There was a collective of 'awws' that filled the room next. Slowly all the couples descended to kiss their significant other.

Perrie ran into Zayn's arms like they had been separated for an eternity.

Niall picked up Jade and kissed her like it was the first and last time all at once.

Demi and Louis slowly walked into each other's arms, he smacked her ass and she kissed her cheek.

"You all know we cannot do this?" Leigh-Anne snapped while Liam remained where he was. "There is tradition to uphold. And we cannot break that."

"Leigh Anne is right," Liam looked up. "We cannot carry on using 1D Birds and Little Ladies if we are going to all be with each other," Liam looked over at Leigh Anne.

"Not a chance pretty boy," she snapped and continued, "We’ll be disqualified from the show at the end of the year. Do you all realize what you are risking?"

The couples looked at each other.

"Leigh Anne," Louis started. "Quit acting like you don't want a piece of Liam."

"He's 100 percent worth it," Niall winked.

"And Leigh Anne," Jesy started, "would you rather us risk never finding true love over a singing competition?"

Leigh Anne looked at all of them like they were crazy. She appeared to be fuming.

"Are you all serious? We all need this! I know none of you really want to be stuck her forever!" she screamed at them. "I have worked far too hard to just give it all up!"

“Leigh Anne we can still be in the competition,” Perrie began. “As long as we change our names and audition again. They posted up new time slots for new auditions just yesterday. All the rules have been changed since Olly had to leave for America.”

Everyone looked at Perrie and smiled since they knew this was the chance to make all of their dreams come true. And, it would include love.

“So what are the new names going to be then?” Liam asked walking over to Leigh Anne.

At first she resisted his hug but after his second attempt she fell into temptation. She even kissed him.

“I have an idea for ours!” Jade screamed.

Everyone looked at Jade giving her a go ahead to announce the name that she was thinking of.

“Little Mix,” Jade smiled.

“Because we want to uphold our original name,” Jesy started.

“And we are a mix of everything!” Perrie continued.

“Sassy and smart,” Demi smiled.

“Fierce and unstoppable!” Leigh Anne pitched in.

“And we are all love each other!” Jade smiled and all the girls ran to Jesy for yet another group hug.

Harry awkwardly backed away and smiled.

“Guys I have our name,” Harry smiled while they all gathered around. “One Direction.”

“Because we all have to go in one direction to reach our goals,” Zayn announced and soon the boys were hugging each other. 

The two groups had begun divided but now that they were together they knew they were unstoppable. One of the two groups would win and begin an endless journey to fame. 

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