1D Birds and Little Ladies (1D & Little Mix-Grease Fan Fic)

Niall and Jade fell in love with each other over summer break. But what happens when Jade has to leave Ireland and go back to the U.K.? Well, when her famly decides to move Ireland she plans on finding Niall Horan, her prince in shining armor. But what will she do when Niall, being the leader of the 'bad boy' 1D Birds has to hold his bad boy rep. and can't be with a 'goody- two- shoes' like Jade? Read to find out.


25. Chapter 24

Perrie looked toward the kitchen and saw Zayn standing there talking to Rebecca. Perrie would never admit her little crush on Zayn to the girls but right now it seemed like Rebecca was trying to make Perrie jealous.

"I'm thirsty girls! I'll be back soon!"

Perrie walked in Zayn's direction and accidentally bumped Rebecca causing her to fall into Zayn. His drink spilled on the front of her white dress.

"Darn, I'm sorry."

Rebecca only screamed in rage and ran upstairs to the bathroom.

"Why did you do that Perrie?" Zayn sighed.

"Come with me?" Perrie grabbed his hand before he could refuse he offer and dragged him to the basement. Perrie knew that there was only a few people down here and they were smoking a little more than a cigarette. They wouldn't really be paying attention to Zayn and her.

"Perrie what are we doing?" Zayn asked as she pulled him into a closet located at the back of the basement.

Perrie pulled him in and kissed him hard. Zayn's hands immediately went to Perrie's waist and hers to wrapped around his neck. After many moments the two of them broke apart and were breathing heavy.

"Wow Perrie," Zayn whispered.

"Zayn, I like you. I can't keep pretending I don't. I want you."

"Perrie I want you so bad," he ran his hands over Perrie's backside causing her to bite her lip but she failed to hold in her little moan.


"Perrie," he kissed down her neck and things only escalated.


Jade, Demi, and Leigh-Anne were wondering where the two other girls had ran off to but continued to dance. They were enjoying being together even if it was only three-fifths of the group. Jade was just getting Niall out of her head when hands were covering her eyes and pulling her from the dance floor.

Her first instinct was to scream but she knew it was Niall's hands so she didn't. Niall looked and Demi and Leigh-Anne didn't seem to really notice what was going on so he dragged Jade up the stairs. Jade giggled feeling a rush of adrenaline as she knew she was breaking the rules.

Niall pulled Jade into the bathroom, slamming the door and pushing her against the wall. Niall's hands were running all over Jade's body and she couldn't help but to enjoy every second of it. Niall's mouth was going from one side of her neck to the other. Jade was trying not to moan because she didn't want another party goer to think she was a slut for hooking up in the bathroom.

"Jade, I can't take not being with you. I need you!" Niall whisper yelled into her ear causing shivers to be sent up her spine.

"Niall, I've been wanting your touch for far too long."

Niall picked Jade up allowing her legs to wrap around his waist. He sat down on the commode and started kissing her, biting her lips, and letting little moans escape from between his lips.

Someone was banging on the door yelling for whoever was in there to hurry up. This only caused Niall and Jade to laugh. Jade pulled off Niall's tank top and kissed down his chest.

"Jade I love you."

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