1D Birds and Little Ladies (1D & Little Mix-Grease Fan Fic)

Niall and Jade fell in love with each other over summer break. But what happens when Jade has to leave Ireland and go back to the U.K.? Well, when her famly decides to move Ireland she plans on finding Niall Horan, her prince in shining armor. But what will she do when Niall, being the leader of the 'bad boy' 1D Birds has to hold his bad boy rep. and can't be with a 'goody- two- shoes' like Jade? Read to find out.


20. Chapter 19

It was a week before performance day and because of all the singers they decided to split performances to two days. The singers would be singing one song on Thursday and the other on Friday.

The Little Ladies sat at their usual lunch table drinking smoothies and eating salads. The swore to ignore the 1D Birds at all costs. The only exception would be if they had to work together in class.

"Hey Little Ladies," Harry sat down at one of the three empty seats left at their table. Niall and Liam soon joined him.

The girls ignored him and continued eating.

"Ah, you don't want to talk to us then?" Liam said wrapping his arm around Leigh-Anne.

"Just leave boys. Please, we actually want to enjoy our lunch?" Jesy snapped and Harry smirked.

"Hey Jade," Niall said and Jade quickly got up. "Jade, wait!" Niall said as Jade headed off to the bathroom.

"Let her go Ni," Liam called but he ignored him.

"Why do you always have to bother us?" Perrie said gripping the table.

"Settle down, settle down. Don't want you upset now do we?" Harry grinned as the tension at the table grew. "We just want to ask you girls a question, that's all."

"What is it?" Jesy asked with attitude.

"Are you going to Frazier's party tomorrow night?" Liam asked only looking at Leigh-Anne.

"We're not. We don't party Payne but thanks for the offer," Leigh-Anne said pushing Liam away from her.

"Ah, well Frazier knew you girls weren't going to come anyway. That's why he asked us to perform at the party. Anyway," Harry was being rather cheeky today, "we'll see ya later then?"

Harry and Liam got up quickly and walked away.

"Should we go check on Jade?" Demi asked.

"Let's wait, Niall did go after her," Jesy said looking around to see if she could see the two of them.


"Niall leave me alone! Please!" Jade begged as Niall followed her out the back door of the school.

"Jade please. Just wait," Niall said wrapping his strong arms around her tiny waist. "Can we talk please?"

"Fine, make it fast and let me go," Jade was fighting tears. Every time she was near Niall she pictured him with all the girls that were circled in the year book. And, if she wasn't picturing that she was picturing all the nights they spent together. All those summer nights that she finally felt free.

Now, she felt trapped again. Her parents were ignoring the fact she was singing but she still had to maintain her grades. When she got her midterm grades and her average was a 3.85 her father went crazy. She couldn't risk anything by getting involved with Niall. Jade loved to sing with The Little Ladies and if that was taken away from her she didn't know what she would do.

"Are you okay?" he asked sounding sincere.

"Am I okay? Am I okay you ask! Really Niall!"

Niall took a step back because Jade was waving her arms around like she was mental.

"You really want to ask me that Niall! Why did you treat me the way you did this summer? Then I show up here and you act like a complete wanker! Why Niall? Please tell me why?"

Niall looked down at his white Nikes and took a deep breath.

"Jade, I fell in love with you this summer. I've been with too many girls, and I'm not proud. You didn't know me and you loved me for me. Not because I could potentially be famous one day with the 1D Birds."

Jade just stood there and listened to him. She could tell he wasn't lying to her. Niall finally got the courage to look at her.

"Then you came here and I thought maybe I could be a different guy. I thought. Ha, not a good idea. You joined The Little Ladies. If you hadn't been with them that day, well maybe things would be different. Jade, I still love you so much. I am a better person with you."

Jade turned away from Niall to hide the fact she was crying. Niall had never opened up to her like this.

"Jade, please."

"Niall," she drew a deep breath and an ounce of courage before turning back around. "The whole 1D Birds and Little Ladies thing isn't an excuse. If you truly loved me then you wouldn't have acted like that. You wouldn't have pushed me away."

"I was trying Jade! The boys were asking me a ton of questions and I couldn't explain to them that I had only been with you all summer!" Niall looked back down at his Nikes.

"Wow Niall!" Jade turned to walk away.

Niall immediately wrapped his arms back around her waist and kissed her cheek.

"I love you Jade," Niall whispered in her ear. "I'm trying to tell you, I don't care about anything anymore. I don't care if I can't be in The 1D Birds anymore, I want to be your boyfriend."

Jade turned her face to look at Niall. She could see in his soft, blue eyes that he was telling the truth.

"Give me the chance to be faithful to you. Give me the chance to be the guy you deserve," Niall said slowly.

Jade didn't respond she just bit her lip. She questioned whether or not Niall would be faithful. What would this mean for her and The Little Ladies?

"Niall," she whispered.

Niall didn't even give her a chance to argue this time, he leaned in slowly and kissed her. The kiss sent a rush of emotions through both of them, a rush of memories from the summer, and a rush of love, pure love.

"Yes Niall," Jade said as she pulled away slowly.

The back door to the school opened and Jade and Niall broke apart to see who it was.

"Jade?" Perrie gasped as she realized what was happening.

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