1D Birds and Little Ladies (1D & Little Mix-Grease Fan Fic)

Niall and Jade fell in love with each other over summer break. But what happens when Jade has to leave Ireland and go back to the U.K.? Well, when her famly decides to move Ireland she plans on finding Niall Horan, her prince in shining armor. But what will she do when Niall, being the leader of the 'bad boy' 1D Birds has to hold his bad boy rep. and can't be with a 'goody- two- shoes' like Jade? Read to find out.


18. Chapter 17

Niall and Louis pulled up outside of Louis' rather large home. Two stories with a full basement which equaled seven rooms and five bathrooms. It's not that Louis' parents were rich just that he had a lot of sisters, four to be exact.

Niall and Louis walked inside and immediately headed to Louis' basement bedroom.

"I always thought it'd be creepy to live in the basement," Niall mumbled as Louis started picking up his laundry.

Louis was the messy one in the group. He didn't clean up unless the boys were coming over but even then he wouldn't clean but so much. Louis would get all the clothes off the floor and the trash outside but other than that he didn't do much else.

"Ha, it's actually a lot better than being up there," he pointed to the main floor. "So many women."

Niall laughed and started to help Louis pick up the trash. Niall noticed that some of the trash was from a few days ago when the boys were playing PlayStation3 here.

"You could make us clean up before we leave ya know?" Niall said while picking up the taco wrappers that were Harry's.

"It doesn't bother me, and ey look you're helping me now right?"

"Yeah, I guess," Niall mumbled picking up another empty food container. "But we are actually going to make this room look better than decent since I'm helping you."

"Yes mother," Louis mocked him while he continued to pick up his clothes and sort them. Louis had four clothes baskets but refused to actually get his clothes inside of the basket. Louis was just a messy guy.

"So, can I ask for your advice man?" Niall said while tying a trash bag up.

"Yeah?" Louis said trying to decide if his red pants were light or dark.

"What should I do about Jade?"

Louis quickly turned around. "Sit down mate," Louis said while sitting down on one of the couches. Niall took a seat across from him on the other couch.

"Listen Niall, you can't be a 1D Bird and date a Little Lady. I know it sucks, trust me," Louis said looking down. "I'm going to tell you a little about what happened this summer while you were off with Jade."

"Okay," Niall said ready to listen.

"I worked in the drama department at school. It was only three weeks but hey it paid a little and it got my mom off my back."

Niall nodded understanding.

"Well, Demi also worked there. I've liked Demi since the sixth grade when Tommy spilled chocolate milk on her white dress and she walked around the rest of the day saying she liked the new addition," Louis looked off into the distance. "Most girls, well to me every other girl back then, would have called home to leave."

Niall was remembering that day of sixth grade.

"But Demi didn't. Demi kept her head up high and continued through the day. I was highly impressed from that day forward."

Niall laughed a little but Louis shot him a look that made him stop.

"I'm serious mate. But you know, I knew I liked her but couldn't really date in sixth. Wasn't really allowed by most parents. Also, I have never met anyone would dated before the eight year formal dance."

Niall nodded in agreement. He was one of those guys who knew you just didn't date someone before the formal.

"So, two years I planned how I was going to ask her. Then I met you, Harry, Liam, and Zayn. We went to try out for the 1D Birds. I remember meeting the seniors who were about to graduate and pass on the legacy to five upcoming freshman."

Niall smiled remembering that day very well. Louis took a sip of his tea before he continued.

"I remember meeting Danny, Kenickie, Sonny, Doody, and Putzie. I also remember we thought they were joking about their names. Two rules we had to agree to to earn our 1D Bird jackets. Rule 1 sing only to make us happy."

"Rule 2 never date a Little Lady. They were off limits until after graduation," Niall said remembering Danny telling them the second rule.

"Disgrace the rules and shame the 1D Bird jacket forever," Louis said. "Back to my main point though, back to Demi."

"Yeah mate?" Niall asked.

"They gave us our jackets before we even entered high school. We felt like the biggest bad asses in eighth year," Niall started laughing. "Don't even act like it's not true. We did. Hell I know I felt like I was on top of the world."

"I know mate. I remember how the day after we all wore them to school and at lunch you jumped up on a table yelling 'I'M A 1D BIRD!' and got in school detention for a week."

"Ha, yeah. Well, then the Little Ladies had their annual auditions for the upcoming freshman. I had no idea that Demi could even sing! I don't think anyone did. Then the day I was going to ask her to go to formal with me, I saw her wearing her Little Lady necklace."

Louis took a deep breath. "I was shocked and knocked on my ass mate. I was so mad at myself, thought about quitting the 1D Birds just to be able to go out with her. I liked her so much. Then ninth year, tenth year, and eleventh year I had almost every single class with her."

Niall looked away realizing that Louis had been in pain for a long time.

"I had to watch her be this amazing girl. This girl I wanted to make mine! But, I couldn't just because I have a leather jacket that reads 1D Birds on it."

Louis wiped a tear away from his eye.

"Anyway, I had to work side by side with her. Me and her alone for three weeks straight," Louis bit his lip. "You can never tell the other boys this."

Niall nodded and crossed his heart. He could tell Louis was being serious and that was rare. Niall wanted to laugh but held it in because he wanted Louis to trust him enough to tell him.

"After a week," Louis paused. "I told Demi I like her. A lot. Was expecting her to blow up and go on and on about her being a Little Lady and that I needed to leave her alone."

Louis chuckled. "I'm glad she didn't. Oh man, she didn't. Instead she walked over to me and kissed me."

Niall's eyes got big and his jaw dropped. "She kissed you!"

"Yeah mate. Then she said, 'I've liked you since you told off Mr. Landon in fifth year and he was left speechless. You seemed so confident, I liked that. I still do.' So I spent the next two weeks with her. Like together," Louis put a lot of emphasis on together.

Niall couldn't believe that Louis, of all the boys, was the first to break the rules. Louis was a rule breaker but he didn't seem like the one to break the no Little Ladies rule first. Niall would have placed his money on Harry or Zayn breaking it first.

"I thought that we were just going to tell the rest of our groups we were together after we were done working. I thought that she would still want to be with me. Mate, I was wrong. She called me the day after we were finished working."

Niall saw that Louis was getting upset. Louis was fighting the urge to cry. He looked away from Niall to finish the story.

"She told me that what we were doing was fun. She really liked me. Possibly loved me. But," Louis took a breathe, "she wasn't going to risk the recording opportunity on me."

Niall got up and hugged his friend. Louis started crying just like he did when Demi told him this a few months ago.

"I spent the rest of the summer hooking up with girls who meant nothing. The longest girl I stayed with was Eleanor. Ha, I didn't even stay with her. Just kept going back."

Niall nodded again letting Louis know he understood.

"Niall, I'm sorry. Jade is a Little Lady now. I wish I could write out a happy ending for you. But, she isn't the same girl you fell in love with over the summer. She has changed. Little Lady status will do that to you."

Louis wiped his face with his t-shirt and got up to get a tissue. He needed to blow his nose.

Niall sat there and put his face in his hands. Niall felt like crying as well. Niall knew he had lost Jade for good.

"Hey boys!" Harry called running down the stairs with Zayn and Liam following not too far behind. "What's wrong Louis?"

The three boys stopped and looked at Louis.

"A bunch of dust cuz I need to clean. Made me sneeze like twenty times in a row," Louis said looking over at Niall.

"It was pretty crazy. All I could say was 'damn Louis' and eventually he stopped," Niall said trying to lie like he meant it.

The rest of the boys shrugged and flopped onto the couches.

"So, our next song boys?" Zayn asked.

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