1D Birds and Little Ladies (1D & Little Mix-Grease Fan Fic)

Niall and Jade fell in love with each other over summer break. But what happens when Jade has to leave Ireland and go back to the U.K.? Well, when her famly decides to move Ireland she plans on finding Niall Horan, her prince in shining armor. But what will she do when Niall, being the leader of the 'bad boy' 1D Birds has to hold his bad boy rep. and can't be with a 'goody- two- shoes' like Jade? Read to find out.


16. Chapter 15

It was the day of auditions and everyone was feeling extra nervous. There were two other groups aside from the Little Ladies and 1D Birds auditioning, Heart Breakers, an all boy group, and The Americans, a mix group of two females and two males. There were also several individuals auditioning. There were only four seniors auditioning so The Little Ladies and 1D Birds didn't have to much competition. The other artists auditioning had a chance to win but only a senior could win the recording session.

The girls were backstage warming up their vocals when the boys came running over to them with flowers. Niall handed Jade a white rose, Zayn handed Perrie a red rose, Harry handed Jesy a blue rose, Liam handed Leigh-Anne a pink rose, and Louis slowly handed Demi a pink and orange hibiscus. Louis always had to be different.

"Good luck ladies!" Harry said then kissed Jesy's cheek.

Jesy's cheek got bright red and she pushed Harry off as he continued to wrap his arms around her. The rest of the boys quickly kissed the girls on the cheek.

"See ya later love," Harry whispered into Jesy's ear before releasing her. Then him and the rest of the boys ran onto the stage to start their audition.

"What was all that about?" Leigh-Anne said turning to the girls and smelling her rose.

"They are so sweet!" Perrie and Jade said together.

"Stop! They are trying to psych us out girls! We have to focus!" Jesy yelled at them.

All the girls nodded in agreement and took a few deep breathes. They all set down their roses and Demi's hibiscus and walked to the side of the stage.

The boys were on stage about to start their audition when all the girls in the audience started yelling about how much they loved them.

All auditions were held in front of the rest of the student body and their school was roughly a thousand kids so it was pretty intense. It seemed like hundreds of girls were screaming their name and it made the girls a little nervous.

The boys began to perform their song 'Kiss You' and the crowd was going crazy during the entire song.

After their performance they received a standing ovation from all the judges which was, the principal, the secretary and a last year's winner, Olly.

"Great performance boys!" Olly tried yelling over the crowd who was still going wild. "You are the favorite to win this year. Can't wait to see what you perform in the finals!"

The boys ran off stage right past The Little Ladies.

"Did you like that?" Niall asked stopping in front of Jade.

"It was okay," Jade said rolling her eyes.

"Babe don't be like that," Niall said attempting to pull her into him.

"Stop, we're up," Jade said turning to the girls.

"See ya later babe," Niall said leaning around kissing Jade on the neck.

The girls walked out onto stage and got into position. They had worked out a dance routine for the song and were all wearing dark colors.

Jade was standing close to the edge and she overheard some of the comments being made by the crowd and judges.

"The new girl will bring them down," a girl in the audience said.

"This could be surprising or a big let down," Olly said.

"At least their hot," a guy said.

The music the made started and Perrie started singing. The entire song played out and the crowd seemed really surprised.

When the final note was over and the song came to a close the crowd roared into screams!

"LITTLE LADIES! LITTLE LADIES!" the crowd went on and on.

Their principal, Ms. Thompson shh'd the crowd to start off.

"Little Ladies, a pleasant surprise from the recent addition. I like it!" she said with a wide smile.

All the girls nodded in excitement.

"I'm surprised that Jade here pulled off such an amazing performance. Good job ladies!" their secretary Ms. Levy said.

Olly leaned back in his chair and rubbed his chin.

"I can't tell if I like it or not," Olly began and the crowded began to boo him. "Sorry, sorry. I liked The Little Ladies more before Jade. That's just my opinion."

The crowd once again roared into a bunch of boo's and Jesy's shh'd them.

"All I have to say is that I think we are so much stronger as a group with Jade. Plus, she wrote the song that all of you loved so much," she said matter of fact like to the crowd.

"Thanks Jesy," Jade said hugging her.

"We'll see you in the finals girls. I hope I'll be impressed."

The girls walked off the stage and had a group hug.

"Girls don't worry, we were amazing!" Leigh-Anne said.

"I'm happy Jade is in the group. Like Jesy said we are stronger," Demi said.

"Amazing girls. We will win this," Perrie said.

One month until the finals. Could they manage to impress Olly enough to win?

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