1D Birds and Little Ladies (1D & Little Mix-Grease Fan Fic)

Niall and Jade fell in love with each other over summer break. But what happens when Jade has to leave Ireland and go back to the U.K.? Well, when her famly decides to move Ireland she plans on finding Niall Horan, her prince in shining armor. But what will she do when Niall, being the leader of the 'bad boy' 1D Birds has to hold his bad boy rep. and can't be with a 'goody- two- shoes' like Jade? Read to find out.


13. Chapter 12

The girls all jumped off the bed and ran over to Jade.

"Answer it!" they yelled in unison.

Jade answered the call.

"Hello," she said with a shaky voice.


"Yes," she now was annoyed at this.

"It's Niall."

"I know."

The girls were mouthing 'speakerphone' to Jade but she refused to give into them.

"I wanted to say I'm sorry about earlier, like that's usually not me."


"The guy you met on vacation is the real me, but the 1D Birds have a rep to maintain."

"I get it," Jade stood up and walked over to the window.

"Let me make it up to you?"


"Let's go to dinner Friday night," Niall sounded nervous.

Jade bit her lip and thought about the offer. She was just about to accept when Jesy grabbed the phone out of her hand.

"Hi Niall, this is Jesy."

"What? Jesy what? Give the phone to Jade!" Niall screamed.

"Jesy!" Jade said reaching for the phone.

"Look Niall, Jade is about to become a Little Lady. She can't be dealing with the likes of you. So go ahead and be a jackass to someone else!" Jesy quickly hung up the phone and smiled.

"Jesy why did you do that?" Jade said as Jesy handed her the phone back. "He asked me out!"

"Exactly. I did you a favor."

Jade looked at the other girls for help but they all just nodded like they agreed with Jesy.

"I don't want to be a Little Lady though!" Jade was whining and wiped the tears from her eyes. "I just want Niall."

"Jade," Perrie said wrapping her arms around her.

"Wait," Leigh-Anne said. "Jade how much do you know about Niall?"

Jade looked over at her confused. Leigh-Anne walked over to the book shelve that was beside the computer desk. She pulled out a year book and flipped to the junior section. The year book was from last year.

"Perrie can I mark in this?" Leigh-Anne asked.

"Sure," Perrie said.

Demi handed Leigh-Anne a pencil so she could attempt to erase the marks she was going to make. Jesy stood there watching Leigh-Anne intently.

Leigh-Anne was circling random girls' pictures and Jade was really confused.

"Now Jade," Leigh-Anne said circling the last girl in the junior section. "Count how many girls I just circled."

Jade was still very confused but she did exactly as she was told. After counting then recounting just to be sure the number was seventeen.

"Seventeen," she said looking over at Leigh-Anne.

"That's how many girls hooked up with Niall last year, just from our grade level," Leigh-Anne said.

"So, is Niall still your Prince Charming?" Jesy asked sitting back down.

Jade dropped the yearbook and shook her head. She couldn't believer that Niall was that guy. Jade had always told herself she would never fall for that guy.

That guy being the guy who hooks up with a lot of girls. The guy that never really takes into account a girl's feelings. The guy that never really cares about anyone other than himself.

"That's why he told me not to write, or call," Jade said sitting back down on the couch.

"Yeah. All the 1D Birds are like that Jade," Leigh-Anne said putting her hand on her shoulder. "Sorry we had to tell you."

"I'm sorry I acted like that," Jade said still looking down at the ground. She looked over at Jesy, "Can I still be a Little Lady?"

All the girls began smiling and in unison they sang, "Yes you can!"

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