Not meant to be!

What happens when you move from Los Angeles to Texas?
well Valerie is about to find out, she has to leave her friends, her family and even her bf. Val doesn't want to move but she has no option, Val might just like moving to Texas until she finds out the guy she loves (her new bf best friend) has something to do with her more than being the love of her life, she tries to forget him and move on, but it's impossible to forget him, until she finds a really sweet guy that becomes her new best friend how will she get out of this love triangle I guess you'll have to read to find out!



1. Moving day

I guess I should start by saying I never plan this happening it just did and now I'm sadder then ever!

Let me tell you how I all started how I fell in love with the wrong person and how he fell in love with me.


9 MONTHS AGO(flash back)

My mom and dad where acting weird today, well more than usual; I wanted to know what was going on but they didn't want to say, so I just ignored it maybe it's nothing important I said, but WOW I WAS WRONG!

Next thing I knew I was in my room packing, yeah IKR "it was nothing important" but I guess I can't say no, cause they won't let me stay alone in L.A!

I wanted to know where we are going to live now but they said it was a "surprise" I  couldn't wait to find out, but then I realized that all my friends where here and so was my bf! My bf was kind of a Jerk but I really liked him I don't know why but I loved his personality, my BFF was the best I loved her we where like sisters till I moved we are now friends not BFF's anymore but friends. AT the same time I was kinda happy we where going to move, maybe it's time to start again fresh and clean with a new beginning.



when we finally got on the plane I got to see where we were heading we where going to....... TEXAS??????? WHAT?? WHY????

I know my mom is from there but I just don't understand! I wasn't expecting this but all well.



wow it's pretty here I think I'll get use to it not much like L.A but it's nice, we went to our house my parents bought a really long time ago and we settle in, but honestly I wasn't looking forward to meeting my new family here, I was just waiting for school to start which is next week!






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