Computer Mates

Have you ever wondered if you are talking to someone you think you dont know but you actully do know what about if i said that you were talking to your favioute pop group well this is what happens to 16 year old lucy. Lucy gets bullied at school because she LOVES one direction and she has no friends because of it so one day she goes on a chat online but will the one simple hi to the chat change her life find out in Computer Mates


2. Introduce myself :)

Hi i am lucy hale i am 16 years old moved secondary school twice and i still get bullied at this one i am at too.

I have no friends and i dont have a boyfriend the only thing that is my friend is my laptop and i like to sit on my own like i am normally used to and nothing suprizing happends in my life sept from the drama of bulling in my life no teachers try to stop it either i dont think i will ever have a good life:( 

Anyway you could say i am goody two shoes because i dont have any friends so i have nothing to do anyways .

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