Computer Mates

Have you ever wondered if you are talking to someone you think you dont know but you actully do know what about if i said that you were talking to your favioute pop group well this is what happens to 16 year old lucy. Lucy gets bullied at school because she LOVES one direction and she has no friends because of it so one day she goes on a chat online but will the one simple hi to the chat change her life find out in Computer Mates


3. An normal school morning .

I woke up to a sudden loud buzzing in my ears and it got louder the more i woke up i looked around my one direction covered walls of what i call my bed room and reached out to the buzzing 1D alarm clock at the side of my bed i flipped the covers off of me revealing my pjs and looked at the time 6:00 n the morning SCHOOL DAY! Great thats when i remebered its another normal school day of me getting bullied for what i loved best i mean that sounds unfair as it is but they still bully me ya know what they say 

Haters gona hate!!

Thats when i noticed i must of dozed off in my thoughts again like i normally do i started to get up and have a quick shower and get dressed 

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