Best Friend Love

Brianna has always been best friends with Louis Tomlinson. She's been there for him through everything especially the X factor. It's been about a year, and now Louis is finally coming home and he's bringing Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles with him. Brianna has always been a happy person, but will she be able to keep a smile on her face when her world gets turned upside down and take a turn for the worse?


2. The Big Game

~the next day~ 
Brianna's POV: 
*show me how to fight them now and ill tell you baby it was easy* 
My phone went off. My first thought was Louis, but that wasn't his ringtone. It was my cousin Angel, we are super close but we haven't talked in a while because she lives in Ireland. 'Hey angel, what's up?' I hear nothing but sobbing at the other end. 'Oh my god, Angel are you okay!?!' 'No Brianna. It's my father again, he came home drunk.. He didn't even remember who I was. That's the third time this week. And he started to get abusive.' 'Angel. You cannot live there, it's just you, no. Pack your things tonight I want you to take plane here and get the soonest flight you can, okay?' 'But...' 'No, you're living with me now for as long as it takes.' 'Alright, well I can get out there tomorrow. See you then.' 'Alright bye. Love you!' And she hung up. This poor girl. She's not the biggest fan of One Direction, she's always seen them as cocky jerks. I have no idea on how she's going to react when she says them I'm actually scared. 
~couple hours later~
*ding dong* 
I rush downstairs, knowing that Louis was at my door. I opened the door to see him big, welcoming smile. 'Ready kiddo?'  Ugh. When he says stuff like that it makes me feel like he sees me like his little sister. 'Yeah. Lets go.'
Louis POV: 
Wow, she looks great. I hope the boys don't try and pull anything with her. 'Ready kiddo?' Did I really just say that? I sound like her brother, wait is that how she sees me?? 'Yeah. Lets go.' Oh no I blew it. 
Brianna's POV: 
I walk out of my house with Louis by my side and I see this big van, and then the door opens and I see 4 boys with the biggest smile on their faces. The blonde one speaks up. 'And you must be Brianna! Louis hasn't shut- OW!' Louis punched Niall in the arm. 'Sorry Niall, there was a spider.' 'Mhm. Anyway nice to meet you Brianna.' 'Haha you too! By the way you can call me Bri.' Liam and Zayn said there hellos and then there was Harry sitting in the corner, being really quiet and he had the cheekiest grin on his face, I couldn't help but giggle, blush a little and look away. Louis noticed this and his arm around me. I was a little surprised with this gesture. 
Louis POV: 
Great. None of the boys seem interested in her. Wait, why is Harry looking at her like that? And she's looking back at him? No. Wait. Did I just put my arm around her. 
Harry's POV:
Wow. She's gorgeous. And single... Her big brown eyes. I couldn't help but stare and that smile. Just wow, why would louis put his arm around her? He has Eleanor, please let me have Brianna, Lou. Please. 
Brianna POV:
The car ride is super quiet, almost awkward. Harry keeps staring at me and of course I smile back but maybe a little more flirty than I thought I was doing. Every now and then I'd glance at Louis who was glaring at Harry. Harry didn't even notice. 'So uhm Louis, my cousin Angel kind of needs somewhere to stay for a while. She's coming in from Ireland and is going to have a hard time fighting in so I was hoping she could hang with us?' 'Yeah! The more the merrier!' 'Great thanks Lou!'  Funny. When I said Ireland Niall perked up. 
Louis POV: 
I love when she calls me Lou. And her voice. I wish she'd never stop talking. 
Niall's POV: 
Ireland eh? Nice. 'Bri where in Ireland?' 'Kerry!' 'Now that's a beautiful place.' 
Brianna's POV: 
Niall asking about my cousin! Ah! Wait, how am I going to break it to them. She thinks they are just a bunch of cocky jerks. And how am I going to tell her that I'm best friends with Louis and were all going to be spending time together. Great. We're in the car for like 20 more minutes talking and getting to know each other when we finally get to the game.  And the first thing I see is eleanor running up the van. 'Louis. I thought she wasn't coming' 'Brianna I am so sorry, I didn't tell her to come. I didn't even tell her where I was going!' And just when I thought this day was actually going to be fun. 'Louis!!! Baby! I've missed you so much.' She screeched and just planted a wet one on his lips, when Harry came up to me and we walked away. 
Louis POV:
What the hell is she doing here. I could see the anger in Bri's eyes I hope she understands that I didn't invite her. 'Louis!!!! Baby! I've missed you so much!' She's never kissed me like this before, she's purposely doing this because Bri is here. 'Oh hi El, what are you doing here?' And out of the corner of my eye, Harry runs up to Bri and takes her to the stadium.  'Weeeeell Niall tweeted that he was coming here with the boys and I then I figured you forgot to invite me, so I decided to surprise you!' I couldn't keep my eyes off of Harry and Brianna, I didn't want him making any moves on her. 'Louis what are you looking at?' Eleanor snaps. 'Oh nothing. And it's great that you showed up love, but today was suppose to be the boys and I and Brianna. She met them today and we all wanted to hangout.' 'Oh, with that slut?' 'Eleanor what did she ever do to you?' And that seemed to shut her up for the meantime. 
Brianna's POV: 
Harry is such a sweet guy. 
'Its Bri, right?' 'Yeah.' 'Well I didn't really introduce myself back there' 'that's okay Harry you didn't need to, I know who you are. Hahaha' I happened to look over my shoulder and it kind of looked like Eleanor and Louis were arguing. 'Oh that? Yeah they've been fighting like that a lot lately.'  I was a bit embarrassed that Harry caught me staring so I quickly turn to face him. 'Oh I wasn't looking at them...' 'Don't worry about it love, would you like to go find our seats? The rest of them will catch up to us.' 'Yeah I'd like that!' So Harry and I make our way to find our seats and the rest of the boys finally catch up to us. The game was so intense and all of the boys got so into it. Jumping up and down and screaming. Especially Niall. It was actually kind of funny to watch, I couldn't help but giggle. Then there was Eleanor, kissing Louis whenever she had the chance but throughout half the game she sat on her phone. She caught me rolling my eyes at her. 'Uhm can I help you bitch?' Louis heard and he spoke up. 'Excuse you?' 'What! That slut was looking at me, I'm afraid I might get some kind of disease if she's any closer to me.' I couldn't help it anymore. I let a tear fall, I was just so fed up with it all. I got up and calmly walked to the bathroom. And Harry followed, thank god the game just ended. 
Louis' POV: 
'Okay el. What the hell is your problem? Why can't you just leave her alone?' I snapped. 'Well you try having that thing staring at you.' 'Believe me. I've tried. I would give anything to have Brianna even glance at me. And maybe that's why your jealous, because I think I love her. Eleanor, not only is my Brianna my best friend but she's like my other half, I just can't date you anymore. And she isn't a thing.' I could tell that she was somewhat hurt with everything I just said, but hey she needed to hear it. I regret nothing. Eleanor grabbed her purse and just walked away, I hope I don't have to deal with her again. 
Brianna's POV: 
Harry stayed with me until I stopped crying. I felt a bit silly sitting there crying with someone I just met. 
'Thank you Harry.' 'Anything for a pretty girl like yourself' I felt my cheeks get warmer and I could only imagine the shade of pink they were. Harry grabbed my hand and we walked out together and got in the car, then the rest of the boys finally joined us. The car ride was very silent and awkward. Everyone kind of did there own thing. After what seemed like forever I finally got back to my house I hugged the boys goodbye and Louis walked me to my door. 'I ended it' he said. 'Louis, I am so sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen. You guys were so hap-' 'no. We weren't. And it wasn't because I you, it was time.' And that is when I Louis hugged me, he's hugged me before but this was different. I felt safe in his arms and comfortable. I didn't want to let go. 
Louis' POV: 
I thought about telling her about Eleanor in the car. But it was too silent and awkward for anyone to speak up. I couldn't even think of a joke. I walked her up to her door and I told her. She seemed upset by it. I know I did the right thing. But I hope she can see that I did it all for her... I just wanted to kiss her. I had to use everything inside of me not to kiss her. I just couldn't. So I hugged her. And I wasn't going to be ready anytime soon to let her go. 

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