Best Friend Love

Brianna has always been best friends with Louis Tomlinson. She's been there for him through everything especially the X factor. It's been about a year, and now Louis is finally coming home and he's bringing Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles with him. Brianna has always been a happy person, but will she be able to keep a smile on her face when her world gets turned upside down and take a turn for the worse?


4. Meeting The Boys

Brianna's POV:
'ANGEL WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP' I screamed jumping on her bed, I knew I would regret doing this as soon as she woke up. 'What the hell do you want!?' She snapped. 'Well good morning to you too. Anyway it's noon and Louis texted me asking us if we wanted to go bowling. It'll be fun! And you can meet Louis and the rest of the boys!' 'Ugh. If I have too' she groaned. 'Listen. I don't want you to be all moody with them. You haven't even given them a chance either you go and put on a smile or you can sit here and pout.' I snapped I wasn't trying to be mean at all, I just didn't want to bring a grumpy Angel with me bowling. It's not very fun. 'Okay. Ill go, when are we gonna leave?' She asked. 'Uhm you go get ready, I'll make breakfast and they'll pick us up. They'll be here within the hour'
Angels POV: 
Once Bri left the room that's when I really started freaking. I was getting to meet my idols! And not to mention the love of my life, the guy who stole my heart the moment I saw him. Niall James Horan. What to wear!? I have to make a good impression, but I also have to make it look like I'm not even trying. The struggle. 
Brianna's POV:
I think Angel is somewhat excited. I mean she is my family. I can totally tell when she's lying, but I decided to play along with it. 
~30 minutes later~
'Angel! The boys are going to be here any minute are you ready to go?' I screamed. 'Yupp! I'm coming!' I opened the door and the boys were waiting outside. Angel and I walked right outside and hopped in the car. And the look she gave Niall, I just knew that she didn't hate them. 
Angels POV: 
That blonde hair. And those blue eyes.... I couldn't help but stare. I hope no one noticed. I hope I didn't stare too long, well I've stared long enough for him to smile at me! 
Brianna's POV: 
She likes Niall I KNEW IT! So we get into the car and I introduce her to everyone. 'Angel, this is Louis, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall' I said. All of a sudden she seemed to get really shy. And Niall got all shy! What's going on!? I know I can't be the only one that notices this. It was a nice car ride, the boys were getting to know Angel and we all just kept laughing and I could tell this was going to be an amazing year! 
Louis' POV: 
I wonder if Bri already knows that I dumped Eleanor, I should tell her. Yeah! As soon as it's just me and her. How come Harry is like all over her? I mean she is my friend... Wait. She isn't mine. Well at least not yet. 
Niall's POV: 
I knew Brianna was bringing her cousin with, but no one told me that she was the most beautiful girl in the world. I just couldn't help but stare at her, I just couldn't believe that one girl could be so beautiful. But then I snapped out of it. We got to the bowling alley and I was determined to talk to her. 'Hey, it's Angel right?' I managed to get out. 'Yeah.' 'Well I heard that you were from Kerry Ireland, very beautiful place! Why would you want to leave there?' 'Ask me next week blondie, I might tell you then. I'm not going to tell a complete stranger why I just got up and left.' Blondie? Is she playing hard to get or does she really not like me?
Angels POV: 
He talked to me... Niall Horan talked to me! I hope playing hard to get was the right way to go...
Louis' POV: 
Why is Harry attached to Bri's hip? Alright that's it. Here goes nothing. 'Hey Bri, can I talk to you really quick?'  'Yeah, I'll be right back Harry. What's up Lou?' 'Well I don't know if you already knew but I dumped Eleanor at the soccer game. If she can't treat my best friend right then what's the point of staying with her?' 'Oh, Louis!! But it looked like you guys were in love you didn't have to ruin your relationship because of me. That gives her another reason to hate me.' 'No Bri. I didn't love her. And I didn't really do it for you and she can hate you all she wants at least she isn't going to see you anymore.' I said. 'Yeah. Well want to go get our shoes?' 'Sure.' Talk about awkward. 
Brianna's POV: 
He dumped Eleanor...? For me? What!? Now she's going to like kill me! I mean it's sweet an for a second I thought he liked me because he did it for me. But when he called me his 'best friend' I mean I am. But like I'm just stuck in the friend zone...
~few minutes later.~ 
Wow looks like Angel and Niall are hitting it off. I've been thinking maybe  I have a better chance with Harry. It seems like he actually likes me.. And doesn't think of me as a little sister. We all got settled and started bowling. I was in the lead. I was about to get yet another strike when. I felt two hands grab my waist I scream and drop the ball. I turned around and saw Louis holding me, all the other boys and Angel were cracking up and Louis was laughing too. 'Not funny Tomlinson. You could of just costed me the game!' I am super competitive. Louis just sat there cracking up, when I got in his face and said 'its on.' And walked off. 
Louis' POV: 
I could feel her breath against my neck, was she teasing me on purpose? She couldn't of. She doesn't know anything. I wanted to kiss her so badly. I mean she was right there... I missed my chance. As soon as she walked off I heard someone screech 'Oh Lou! I've missed you!' I turned around and saw Eleanor standing there. Looking like she was ready to go out and party. How did she know I was even here? Is she stalking me? 
Brianna's POV: 
I looked over my shoulder and saw Eleanor standing there. What the  was she doing here! Louis had just told me that they broke up. Did he lie to me? Why would he. I wanted to just break out into tears, we were having such an amazing day and she had to come along. I shot Louis a glare and told Angel that we had to leave. The boys offered us a ride home but I refused, we were going to take a taxi. And we were going to stay away from Louis. At all costs.

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