Best Friend Love

Brianna has always been best friends with Louis Tomlinson. She's been there for him through everything especially the X factor. It's been about a year, and now Louis is finally coming home and he's bringing Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles with him. Brianna has always been a happy person, but will she be able to keep a smile on her face when her world gets turned upside down and take a turn for the worse?


3. Get Comfy

Brianna's POV: 
11 am, wow. I slept in. I roll over on my side and check my phone. 38 missed calls. Wow I'm popular. Some of the calls were from Louis asking when my cousin would be here and when we could hangout again. And some were from Harry saying he had fun last night, But most of the calls were from Angel... 'Oh my god' I thought out loud. I totally forgot to go pick her up. I throw on a hoodie and some sweats and rush to my car to go to the airport, hopefully she wasn't there long. I pulled out my phone and called her. 
'Hey Angel, did you get off the plane?'
'Yeah I think I'm behind you!' 
I turn around and sure enough she was right there. We screeched just a little bit because we haven't seen each other in over 2 years! We found her suitcases and then headed off to my place. I found the courage to tell her that some of my best friends were part of One Direction. 'Hey Angel, you know I've been living here for a very long time now. And this guy has been my friend for like ever.' 'Yeah?? And your point?' 'Well his name is Louis.' 'Tomlinson....? From that band you like? What about the other boys?' 'Haha yeah I'm friends with them too. I don't want you to be mad' 'Brianna why would I be mad? I mean as long as we don't hangout with them. I just have a feeling they're cocky jerks and I can't really stand that' 'well they came home from tour, and I've been trying to spend as much time with them. Hey they're going to be leaving and we can just stay here. You can put up with them. They really aren't that bad at all' 'Mhm. Alright ill take your word for it, but I'm not promising that I'll be nice!' 'All I'm asking is for you to give them a chance!' Eeeee! I'm so happy! I know she's going to love the boys, they'll get along just great! Especially her and Niall considering they're both from Ireland. 
Angels POV: 
I think I played that off okay, I know she's my cousin and I can tell her anything but I've already made such a big deal of One Direction being really big jerks. But I know they aren't they are so down to earth! I can't wait until I meet them, hopefully I can get Niall to notice me.  'Alright we'll go back to my place and get you unpacked, okay?' She said. I was kind of dreaming of meeting the boys so I had to snap right out of my day dream. 'Uh yeah!' 'Good, I'm so excited you're staying with me, how about we getcha unpacked and get you all comfy and sit around and watch movies all day?' 'Sounds great!' I'm so excited, it's like starting over. A new life. And I get to live it with my cousin. My best friend. 

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