Lauren Mett, a 19 year old college student who just wants to live life to the fullest and be happy, is stressed out about finals and her tragic breakup with her boyfriend. As she is driving to college she gets a text from the worst person possible. Frustrated and feeling the tears stream down her face she closes her eyes for a second. The next thing she knows her car is nose to nose with another. Totaled cars, trips to the hospital, and both barely injured, Harry and Lauren both come out alive.
It all feels like a dream, but what happens when they wake up?


2. The Crash

Lauren’s POV

I was beyond pissed off. My boyfriend had broken up and cheated on me after I gave him three years of my life.  I hopped in my car as tears streamed down my face.  I sped out of the driveway and down the road not caring where I was going.  I needed time to think and to get away from everything.  I let go of the steering wheel for one second to wipe my eyes.  That’s when everything went downhill.  I felt the airbag force my whole body back, and the next thing I knew I was in the grass somewhere.  Then everything went black.

Harry’s POV

Management has been on all of us lately, but mainly me.  They find my habits of bringing home a new girl at least once a week a problem and think I need to grow up some.  I don’t find it a problem, but I need to listen to them or face the consequences.  We are working on our new album and so far rehearsal today is awful.

“Harry you singing any of the right notes! Get your head out of your arse and try it again,” Tom, the producer, spat at me.

“I am singing them! Maybe you should learn the songs!” I yelled back. Whenever the producers or writers and I argued the boys would get aggregated.

“Harry, go for a walk or something,” Louis said as I finished singing. I nodded and walked toward my car.  I got in and slammed the door.  I don’t really have a reason to be that angry, but I guess it’s just a pride thing.  As I was driving, I got a text from Louis saying that I had to get back to the studio.  I was going to reply when my car hit another and I spun off the road.

I’m not really sure what happened, but I think I went onto grass and hit something.  Everything was black, and all I could hear was police sirens.



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