Lauren Mett, a 19 year old college student who just wants to live life to the fullest and be happy, is stressed out about finals and her tragic breakup with her boyfriend. As she is driving to college she gets a text from the worst person possible. Frustrated and feeling the tears stream down her face she closes her eyes for a second. The next thing she knows her car is nose to nose with another. Totaled cars, trips to the hospital, and both barely injured, Harry and Lauren both come out alive.
It all feels like a dream, but what happens when they wake up?


6. Talking

“Lo, seriously the music was way too loud! That’s probably why I passed out.” I said emphasizing certain words to get my point across.

“Harry just go to the hospital.  Just to be safe. Please?” She was making her eyes big and slightly sticking out her bottom lip. I shook my head no. “Stop being stubborn Harry! You were just in a car accident and I’m just worried that there is something with your head.”  I laughed taking a step toward her.

“Why are you so worried about me?” I furrowed my eyebrows together and had a small smirk on my face.  I didn’t really know how but at this point our faces were about two inches away from each other’s.  Her eyes flashed from my eyes to my lips and back.  I leaned in and brushed my lips against hers.  She connected our lips sending fireworks off in my head.  She pulled away a second later and fluttered open her eyes.

No one’s POV

They just stood there staring at each other for a long time.  Lauren wasn’t sure what had made her do that but both of them had felt something they had never felt before.

Harry still had a headache from the drinking and music, but he figured it was nothing.  Lauren, of course, was worried for him but wasn’t really sure why.  She cared about him since she thought she was the reason he was injured.

Occasionally Harry heard the strange beeping that seemed to be coming out of his imagination.  He had yet to tell anyone about it because he didn’t want them to think he was crazy.  Debating whether he should tell Lo or not, Harry felt light headed and sat down.  It happened frequently, but he wasn’t too concerned about it.   He figured it was just a side effect of his concussion.

“Lauren?” He questioned. She looked up at him. “I have heard this weird beeping lately and have been getting light headed.  I don’t really know what it is but…”

“It’s probably nothing.  Just take it easy ok?” She interrupted him.  To other people it would seem like they had known each other their whole lives, but in reality it was only two days.

They were stuck in their own world losing sight of reality.




Sorry for the sucky chapter… I really didn’t know what to write for it.  Please let me know what you think!!

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