Lauren Mett, a 19 year old college student who just wants to live life to the fullest and be happy, is stressed out about finals and her tragic breakup with her boyfriend. As she is driving to college she gets a text from the worst person possible. Frustrated and feeling the tears stream down her face she closes her eyes for a second. The next thing she knows her car is nose to nose with another. Totaled cars, trips to the hospital, and both barely injured, Harry and Lauren both come out alive.
It all feels like a dream, but what happens when they wake up?


7. Louis

*Two Weeks Later*

No one’s POV

Lauren and Harry were Happy, but something felt off to them. They seemed to be stuck in their own world, not being able to get a grip on reality. Neither of them had seen their friends in over 5 days and fans and the paparatzi have not been around much either.   They didn’t seem to mind much though.  They were happy together and that seemed to be all that mattered.  Harry had finally started to think that maybe Lauren was the girl for him.

Harry was scrolling through twitter as Lo strolled through the door home from college. She threw her bag toward the side of the hallway and jumped on the couch next to Harry.

“Hey LoBear, how was school?” He smiled revealing his dimples and looked up at her body which was sprawled out next to him.

“UGH!” she groaned. “Why is school so damn educational and long and boring?! Can’t I just show up and then graduate the next day? That would be nice.” She ranted. Harry smiled at her usual complaints. “OH and don’t even start with the ‘You need to learn for more than one day it’s an education, not a vacation’ crap you usually say.” She said lowering her voice to mimic his deep tone. He laughed in response and pulled her thin frame into his much larger one nuzzling his head into the crook of her neck. She sighed and slumped down next to her.

Just as they got comfortable and snuggled together the front door burst open and Louis walked in.

“Aww look at the two love birds all cuddly and cute!” Louis said. Harry and Lo looked at each other with confusion playing on their features, then back at Louis. “What?” He barked loudly. “I can’t come see my best friend and his girlfriend whenever I want to?” He questioned.

“Well um you weren’t really invited Lou.  Thanks for um coming though. I haven’t like seen you in a while.” Harry said at a very slow tempo.  Louis then decided to ruin Lo and Harry’s moment and jumped right on top of them.

“Ow Lou you elbowed me in the neck!” Lauren yelled laughing. “You’re lucky I didn’t suffocate and die.” She said sarcastically while trying to stop laughing. As Louis stood up, he lightly slapped Harry on the face.  He just laughed and shook his head.  They spent the rest of the day laughing and catching up with Louis. Harry didn’t know how he had gotten so lucky in getting amazing best friends and girlfriend, but he knew that this time he was not going to screw it up.

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