Lauren Mett, a 19 year old college student who just wants to live life to the fullest and be happy, is stressed out about finals and her tragic breakup with her boyfriend. As she is driving to college she gets a text from the worst person possible. Frustrated and feeling the tears stream down her face she closes her eyes for a second. The next thing she knows her car is nose to nose with another. Totaled cars, trips to the hospital, and both barely injured, Harry and Lauren both come out alive.
It all feels like a dream, but what happens when they wake up?


10. Is He... Dead?

No one's POV

Lauren sat there replaying the events of the past few weeks in her head, with her head in one hand; the other holding Harry’s rubbing small circles with her thumb.  She couldn't lose Harry.  It was too soon.  She thought she had figured out everything, but she was just beginning to skim the surface of knowledge of what was going around her.  She heard noises from all the machines next to her that were attached to multiple parts of his lifeless body.  Doctors then surrounded the poor boy and forced Lauren to let go of the last thing holding her to the real world.  She was struggling to keep her composure as the doctors and nurses worked on the boy that was saving and killing her at the same time.

“Is” She struggled to find her words that did not seem to want to come out of her mouth. “Is he ok?” She asked the nurse that was standing the closest to her. They sent her an apologetic look as she continued to try to get a glimpse of the boy she so badly wanted to protect and love at the same time.  “Is he… Dead?” She asked struggling to make that one word come out of her mouth.  It seemed like her whole world froze for a second as she waited for a response.  She wanted to scream and kick and get an answer out of these people who were trying to keep her calm by not answering her questions, but it only made her feel more agitated.  No one was answering her.  She knew they would give her an answer if he was ok.  They would make sure she knew he was alright, but they weren’t.  Just sending her apologetic looks and continuing to surround the boy.

Last time she was in this scenario, nurses would continually tell the boys that Harry was ok and that he should wake up soon, but now it was completely different.  Harry could really be gone and no one wanted to inform her or even give her an answer.  He was gone, and she knew it. She was never going to be able to see him, feel his tight embrace, or see his twinkling green eyes again. This is what made her start to cry.  Knowing that she would never be able to see the person she loved again or hear his deep husky voice.  The tears were rolling down her cheeks and one landed on his hand. She started to wipe it away and wipe all the others streaming down her face away too.

She was not going to just give up on him, but would she have to?

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