Lauren Mett, a 19 year old college student who just wants to live life to the fullest and be happy, is stressed out about finals and her tragic breakup with her boyfriend. As she is driving to college she gets a text from the worst person possible. Frustrated and feeling the tears stream down her face she closes her eyes for a second. The next thing she knows her car is nose to nose with another. Totaled cars, trips to the hospital, and both barely injured, Harry and Lauren both come out alive.
It all feels like a dream, but what happens when they wake up?


9. Going Back to Black

Harry’s POV

I woke up the next morning with Lauren pulled tightly into my side.  Light snores and whimpers came out of her mouth as she started moving slightly. She was having a nightmare.  I didn’t really know what to do, but I just tried to calm her down.  Apparently I was bad at that and she sat straight up breathing heavy and trying to catch her breath.

“Lo you were kinda freaking out.  I tried to calm you down but couldn’t.  I’m sorry.” I said as she slowly started breathing normally again.

“It’s fine Haz. Thanks for trying to calm me down. It was just a nightmare, I’ll live.”  She said slightly smiling.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked as she shook her head no. I sighed. “Okay.”  I got up slowly and stuck my hand out for her to take.  She gladly took it and followed me downstairs where we (more like I) started to make breakfast.  Lauren would try to help me, but she was not the best in the kitchen area. I’m pretty sure she could burn water.  The other day I had her make toast and she nearly burned the house down.  You can still smell some smoke lingering in the air after that incident.  But hey, if you like coal with jam, Lo is the best chef for the job.

“Oh we’re out of milk in here. Do you think you have a spare one in the other fridge?” She asked putting the carton in the garbage.

“I’m not sure really.  I’ll go check though, love.” I said kissing the top of her head and walking out the door and into the garage.  Most people think it’s crazy to have a second fried in the garage, but it comes in handy when you can have a spare of some things, or when Niall and the boys come over.

As I was walking toward the fridge that annoying beeping came back, but it was louder this time then it has been.  I pressed my fingers to my temples, slowly tracing circles while my eyes were closed. It wasn’t helping at all.  I slowly started making my way over to the refrigerator, but before I could reach the handle, everything went black.

I felt life still moving around me, but I couldn’t feel anything. I was numb. Stuck in this blackness that had suddenly surrounded my whole body and I couldn’t get out.  I felt a tight grip on my hand, but I didn’t have the strength to even move my fingers to signal that I could feel their presence.  It reminded me of when I was going in and out of consciousness right after I had gotten in the accident and before I was in the ambulance.  I could feel people trying to help me, but I physically couldn’t move to help myself.  They said I was lucky to be still breathing. I could hear what they said to the boys, but didn’t even have the strength to open my eyelids, a task that seems so easy to do. Now I am stuck in that same in between life and death stage for the second time in less than a month.  Just like last time I can hear small sobs and sniffling of people who are learning about what has happened to me, except this time I was not stupid, I was just getting milk.  A simple task that was turned into a tragedy just because of the annoying beeping that has been penetrating my thoughts since I had gotten in that accident.

Things got slightly darker; I couldn’t feel any life around me anymore. I couldn’t feel the person holding my hand, the small sobs and sniffles, or that stupid beeping.  Was this death? I was scared to think about not seeing my loved ones ever again.

Slowly I started to feel things again. The person holding my had had a different grip and was slowly tracing circles on the back of mine with their thumb.  Lauren.  I felt a small drop of water splash onto my hand next to her thumb. She was crying. I could feel myself growing more and more worried about her, and then I got blinded with light.

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