Change This World

I originally made this short story for my honors english class but I liked it so much I decided to post it on here. Just so you know we were given plots, our character, setting, and time.
It is about a homeless boy who has lost everything living near a polluted stream.


2. Chapter 2

A reporter stood near a river, “A boy was found near this river, it appears to police that the cause of death was this polluted stream. The water was tested and I have been told that it contains over two hundred hydraulic fracturing fluids. The company responsible, McAda, has offered to pay for all burial expenses. This young boy was only fourteen, identified as James Kendeles. He is to be buried with the rest of his family that died in the tornado last year. It appears he has been taking refuge in a small cave where tests also conclude it was filling with natural gas. This boy has brought attention to the problem of pollution in the hydraulic fracturing field. Hopefully his life will not have been taken in vain and it will bring about a better system in this business. I am told that reforms are being made, and we are simply waiting for an affirmative on that. Back to you John.”

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