Change This World

I originally made this short story for my honors english class but I liked it so much I decided to post it on here. Just so you know we were given plots, our character, setting, and time.
It is about a homeless boy who has lost everything living near a polluted stream.


1. Chapter 1

I spread my arms and will the sun to warm me; I looked up at the sun and closed my eyes. I heard a faint giggle, It can’t be – It sounded just like – no, she is lost; they are lost. I am the only one left. No longer can I feel the warmth of the sun it feels as if it is passing straight through me. All I feel now is cold, I lost it all, my family, my home; and look at where I am now.

I held back tears as I hopped over the polluted stream, slipping slightly on the wet grass. I made a pouch in my shirt and started to collect berries; there weren’t many left, maybe twenty. Luckily none fell through the ragged holes in my shirt. Once I had picked the bushes clean I jumped back over the stream as before but this time when my bare feet slipped on the wet grass I wiped out. I could feel the berries mash against my stomach, staining my shirt.

I slowly sat up my head spinning. The berries were mush now but I scooped the goop with my hands, shoveling it into my mouth. When I finished my stomach was still empty; my face was dirty, my shirt soiled, my hands stained a purplish red. I returned to the river, she had never said anything about bathing in the streams; I’ve done it nearly every day since I settled here. I peeled the shirt from my body and used it as a wash cloth; it helped get some of the stain out of the shirt also.

My stomach was still grumbling in protest from so little food. I saw a fish on the side of the stream, it was fighting for life but so was I. I took a large rock from shore and bashed him with it until it stopped moving. I knew I had to eat it but I couldn’t cook it, I thought of the time I had eaten worms when I was younger on a dare. And I made myself do it, I took a bite. It made me gag but I swallowed. It was all wrong; cold and chewy, gritty and slimy. I didn’t want to do it but I took another bite.

Even after I finished the fish my stomach complained, I downed the cup of water that was outside my cave to quench my thirst. Putting the cap on the water bottle I went in search of more water. Pouring water from leaves into the bottle until it was completely full. Happily I headed back for the cave and slept quite soundly after that.

I woke with a splitting headache and my stomach was making me writhe in pain. Nothing I did helped. I crawled to my water bottle and took a long pull; it stung all the way down. When I went to the bathroom in some nearby bushed it burned. Great I had diarrhea.

I cried, nothing helped. My stomach felt as if it might explode. I thought back to my lost family, Mom would say “Everything is going to be fine; we’ll fix you up in a jiffy.” Ellen would say “You have to get better! Where would I be without my little brother?” It only made me cry harder.

I had an almost happy thought that I might rejoin my family soon. Dad and I would play basketball; we would all celebrate my fifteenth birthday together. Then I felt quite angry; what kind of world let me die this way?

Then I had a crazy thought, take in the cold, I told myself; in hope that perhaps it might make the world a little warmer.

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