finding you

Finding you is about Stella Monayez starting a new life. She gets a new life, new friends and new step mom. What she doesn't realize is that there are lots of other new things. Like new mean girls, new problems, and even better, worse boys. she just so happens to find the right one. but what happens when his best friend like her too. She might lose a few friends on the way.


1. ugh

     When I woke up this morning I figured today would be a good day. The sun was shining through my curtains, the house was dead silent, and I was the only one awake. I hopped out of bed and put on my slippers. I slowly walked over to the door, knowing the floor was squeaking under me. I, slowly, opened the door and walked down to the kitchen. The light was on so that meant my dad was at work and my mom was still in bed.I  found some cheerios and milk poured them into a small bowl and began to eat. I heard the slight sound of feet coming down the stairs. It was either one of my 3 year old twin brother and sister, older brother, or my mom. To my surprise it was my little brother. "Hey there. Why are you up so early, its Sunday?"  asked.

     "I wanted some orange juice." He rubbed his eyes, obviously still tired. He climbed onto the stool next to mine.

     "Ok, I'll get you some orange juice." I walked over to fridge and grabbed the orange juice. I pulled the cup out a cup and gave him some juice. He chugged it and then began to ask me a question.

     "What are you doing today?"

     "well, today I'm going to go shopping with some friends. We might go to the beach afterwards. Then I'll be home to hang out with you and Kylie." I looked over at the clock on the microwave it was already 8:15. I still needed to shower and figure out what I was gonna wear, and i had to do my makeup. It was going to take me 15 minutes to get to the mall too. "Why don't you go back to sleep and I'll bring something back for you and sleeping beauty up their. Sound good?"

    "ok" He ran up the stairs and jumped in to the bed. I finished my, now soggy, cereal. I decided on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, white swing top and white converse. I figured I would get my accessories after my shower. I walked into the bathroom turned on the warm water and took off my clothes. I washed my body and hair. When I was done I stepped out and dried off. I put my  hair up in  messy bun so it could air dry and go back to being curly. While it was up I put on my clothes and makeup. I went with natural colors for eye shadow  and black mascara and eyeliner. I applied a little lip gloss. i sprayed some perfume and walked back into my room. I decided that silver studs and bracelets would be good and a necklace. i grabbed a shoulder bag my phone  and headphones and my makeup just in case.

     I told my mom I would be back in a little and walked out the door to my motorcycle. I put the helmet on and turned the key, and with that, I was gone.


Authors note~ Hey thanks for reading this used to be a different story but I didn't like it anymore so I'm basically going to rewrite it. I hope you like this one better. This is one of my first so please don't judge and work with me. The next chapter is much better this was more of a prologue. Thanks, once again.

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