finding you

Finding you is about Stella Monayez starting a new life. She gets a new life, new friends and new step mom. What she doesn't realize is that there are lots of other new things. Like new mean girls, new problems, and even better, worse boys. she just so happens to find the right one. but what happens when his best friend like her too. She might lose a few friends on the way.


2. Mall

     After about 20 minutes I made it to the mall and met my friends in the front. They all smiled and welcomed me. We walked to the back so we could make our way up. We all laughed and joked around with each other. Later on my friend Jessica brought up something about the beach.

     "So are we still going to the beach later? She asked.

     "Louis texted me earlier and said that he and the guys were having a small get together at the beach and wanted us to come." I said.

     "Ever since Niall left you and Louis have been talking quite a lot. Are you guys a thing now?" This time Ariana was asking the question. That's the one thing i dislike about her. She always has to know everything. If you're not careful there maybe a rumor going on about you because she "accidentally" told someone something they didn't need to know.

     "Louis and I have always been close friends, there's nothing going on between us. One more thing. Can we not bring up Niall anymore please." Niall and I used to date, then he left because his family had to move, then I arranged a surprise to go see him with his mom. When I got there he was kissing some random girl so I left and I haven't talked to him since.

     "Sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you or anything." she said. I just nodded and kept looking at clothes. I remembered that I told Kenai I would buy something for him.

     "Guys I have to go get something for my little brother so I'll be right back." I walked to the children's store next door and went to the little boy's section. I decided I would buy a shirt for him. His favorite color is blue so I'll try to look for something like that. After about five minutes of searching I cam to the conclusion that they had every color but blue. I guess some one saw me struggling because a store worker came over and asked if I needed help. "Yea. I'm looking for a blue shirt."

     "Does it matter what kind?"

     "Honestly, at this point, no."

     "Ok good." He walked me over to a section with all blue shirts. "Here you go"

     "Thanks so much." I picked a shirt with cars on it. I decided to get a shirt for Kylie as well so she doesn't get mad. I walked over to the register and paid for the clothes and walked to the doors. On my way out I bumped into someone. "Ow. I am so sor..."

     "Stella?" I knew  exactly who that voice belonged to. I looked up to that blonde hair and those blue eyes. It was Niall. After realizing who it was I quickly ran to the other store my friends were in. Why was Niall here? He doesn't I've here anymore. He remembers me? Oh no. What if he comes back to school. I  don't think I can handle that. All these things were running through my mind while I was looking for my friends. When I found them I felt like I was gonna pass out.

     "OMG! What's wrong? Are you ok?" Ariana asked.

     "Niall is back" I exclaimed.

     "Why are you out of breath?" Asked Miranda.

     "Because I ran all the way over here."

     "How do you know he's here?"

     "Ugh! Because i just bumped into him. Do you think the rest of the guys know?"

     "Probably not. We should get to the  beach so we can help them set up and get away from Niall."

     "sounds good." We all walked to the parking lot. I hopped on my motorcycle and headed to the beach. I figured I would change when I got there. When we got there they were already set up. The music was playing and everyone was dancing and eating and having a good time. This should get Niall out of my head. We all walked to the bathroom to get changed. I put on a blue bikini top with black stripes and black bikini bottoms and some sandals. After I changed I started looking for Louis. I pushed through the crowd and found him. He was talking to a group of guys I had never seen before. I walked towards him and he saw me. He hugged me and told the guys he was talking to he needed a minute and they walked away.

     "Hey there beautiful" he said.

     "Hey. Did you know Niall was back?"

     "Yea he'll actually be here any minute. As a matter of fact there he is." He was walking towards us. I had no idea what to do. I just stood there and waited to see what was gonna happen next.


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