The Perfect Stranger

Curly is the nickname i gave him, the boy whom everyone seems to love, the boy who hates me, the boy who i have completely and utterly fallen in love with....
His pearcing green eyes and soft brown curly hair, the way he stands hovering over me asif theres something beneath his hatred towards me but then walks away and never looking back. He's the one i want, the ONLY one i need cant he see that hes just the Perfect Stranger?


4. Why?

Elle's P.O.V

All i could think about is why he said what he did, why when he doesnt even know me, why when ive done nothing to him, and why when hes the first person ive actually started to like.


The rest of the day dragged until lunch, i couldnt concertrate on anything but harry, its driving me crazy!


*sigh* finally its over! i made my way next to liv who was allready sat at a table with emma, my brother and his three friends niall, liam and zayn. No harry pheww.

liv spoke first *heyy Elle (hugs elle) hows everthing been since this morning? harry was way out of order saying what he did, just egnore him*

*i plan to* i replied and started to eat my lunch when the oh so familiar curly haired boy came and sat down next to my brother.

*Heyy easy girl* he laughed after he said it.

*curls* i huffed back.

*so whats this between you and my sister then* louis chimed in.

*shes just and easy girl arent you (looks at elle) scowly face, unpopular, geek, and problies opens her legs for everyone* harry said with no emotion at all.

*Hey watch it, thats my sister your talking about* louis replied and playfully punched harry in the arm and continued eating.

I just stayed silent instead of causing more upset for myself, got up and left. i went to the girls bathroom and just sat and cried, i wasnt a slut, or a geek or any of the things harry said. Im already selfconcious about myself without harry also adding to all my problems, he is just one not so perfect stranger that i can do without.

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