The Perfect Stranger

Curly is the nickname i gave him, the boy whom everyone seems to love, the boy who hates me, the boy who i have completely and utterly fallen in love with....
His pearcing green eyes and soft brown curly hair, the way he stands hovering over me asif theres something beneath his hatred towards me but then walks away and never looking back. He's the one i want, the ONLY one i need cant he see that hes just the Perfect Stranger?


10. The way you make me feel

Elle's P.O.V

I stood outside the main doors waiting for harry to arrive to take me to his for our first tutoring session. Why harry had to be my tutor for the next few weeks i dont know. I can see this turning out bad, he hates me for starters, i have feelings for him that i really dont want to have, hes like poison to my veins that i just cant live without.

*Get in then* Harry insisted from behind me whilst walking out the doors and unlocking the car

I got in and we both just sat in silence on our way to his house, kind of awkward may i add.

When we reached harry's house i hopped out of the car and followed harrry up to the front door as he unlocked it and showed me in.

*nice place* i said kinda quietly, amazed by the size of his home. It was incredible!

*Thanks* harrys hoarsed voice replied. *just go on into the living room and get your books out and we''ll make a start*

I gave him a weak smile as i slipped of my shoes and walked on into the living room. The walls were a light cream colour with chocolate brown carpet that felt so soft inbetween my toes. The sofa was the same colour as the carpet, facing the flatscreen tv he had upon the wall along with the glistening chandelier that hung above me shining from the light coming through the window. I really was amazed.

I set my books down on the floor next to me and got out my notebook whilst waiting for harry.

After a while he came and sat down next to me and i couldnt help but think of how his curls fell perfectly around his face and the shimmer of light i could see coming from his deep green eyes, god i could get lost in them if i stared for long enough-NO! STOP IT ELLE! i have to stop thinking like this, he hates me right? its never gonna happen, i have to stop making myself fall for this guy, i mean i dont know anything about him, hes still a stranger to me. Only then did i realise i was still sat staring at him, he must of noticed by the comment he made.

*take a picture it will last longer* he laughed to me sarcastically.

*yeah whatever* i replied *Anyways shouldnt we be getting on with this* i pointed out looking down to my maths books infront of me.

*oh, erm, yeah, ok*

Harry's P.O.V

*oh, erm, yeah, ok* i replied to elle as i completley forgot that she was here for maths for a minute there. I couldnt help but keep looking at her, she was perfect, beautiful, amazing. I know i shouldnt think this because shes louis' sister but at the moment im finding it pretty difficult, shes so damn irrisistable! I had to stop myself from doing something i'll regret so slowley but surely i kept scooting my bum along so i got further and further away from her, the closer i got, the more i wanted her, so this seemed like the only thing to do until elle shot her head up and looking angry said to me

*Am i really that bad harry? do you really hate me that much that you cant even stand to sit next to me* she shouted.

I tried to think of something to say but my mind was blank. *No, its just erm, just...*

*Its just what harry?* she answered looking like she wanted to cry. i just couldnt think of what to say, i loved her, but i could'nt tell her that could i, so i just stayed silent and looked to the ground.

*thats what i thought, I know where im not wanted* She stood up and went to grab her coat to leave. This isnt right, i cant just let her leave. At this point i couldnt even control myself i just jumped up and rushed to follow her before she got to the door, i grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into me smashing my lips against hers.

Elle's P.O.V

I couldnt concertrate on anything harry was telling me i just kept thinking of how amazingly perfect he is. But then i started to notice him moving further and further away from me, what the actual hell?

*Am i really that bad harry? do you really hate me that much that you cant even stand to sit next to me* i shouted towards him

*No, its just erm, just...* he replied hoarsly

*its just whart harry?* i shouted back, tears threatening to fall from my eyes. He just sat there silently looking down towards the ground not saying a word.

*Thats what i thought, i know where im not wanted* i softly said, obvious i wanting to cry. I stood up and went to grab my coat to leave. I was just about to put my hand on the door handle to walk out when a firm hand grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into them smashing their lips to mine.

It was like magic, fireworks exploading, the butterflies in my belly doing backflips like they were in a gymnastic competition or something. I leaned back and found harry looking down towards me with the biggest smile on his face.

*you have no idea of how long i have wanted to do that* harry whispered.

*but...i thought you hated me? But in all honesty, you dont know how long ive waited for you to do that either* i whispered back, tears crisply falling down my cheeks.

*I never hated you, i was just afraid of what louis whould say, hes my best mate, and as you know, he doesnt have the a good temper at the best of times, i thought he might takwe it the wrong way if he knew i loved you* harry replied laughing *you have no idea of the way you make me feel.*

*really?...wait...what? love me?*

*yes, i do, i love you more than anything, ive just been too afraid to show it, i love you elle westwood.*

*I...I love you too harry*

He then leaned down again and pressed his lips to mine, so soft, so perfect, it felt so right.

Harry really has turned out to be the pefect stranger...

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