The Perfect Stranger

Curly is the nickname i gave him, the boy whom everyone seems to love, the boy who hates me, the boy who i have completely and utterly fallen in love with....
His pearcing green eyes and soft brown curly hair, the way he stands hovering over me asif theres something beneath his hatred towards me but then walks away and never looking back. He's the one i want, the ONLY one i need cant he see that hes just the Perfect Stranger?


2. Start of a new school term.


I reached over and slammed my hand down on my alarm clock to turn off the radio and just lay in my bed staring at the ceeling as the sun gleemed through the crack in my curtains thinking about what i was going to wear for my first day back at school, the start of a new term, every teenagers dream right? Not.....

I swung back the covers and hopped out of bed and made my way to the bathroom for a shower.


As i was getting dried i looked through my wardrobe and pulled out a white summer dress with a satin brown belt along with some brown and gold sandals and a light brown over the shoulder bag then started getting myself ready.

By the time i was done my hair had dried into its natural brown curls and lay perfectly over my shoulders as i applied a bit of mascara and eyeliner to finish off my look. I took a quick look in the mirror to check i looked ok (and i must admit i looked kinda pretty for once) unplugged my iphone and headed downstairs to get a quick bite to eat before i left to walk to school, still hearing my brother snoring from his room. If he doest get up soon hes gonna be late for the first day back! My brother is one year older than me and is one of the 'popular' kids in school and his name is louis although he doesnt have the same second name as me because we both have different fathers. So he goes by tomlinson and i go by my mothers name.

*morning darling did you sleep well? do you want any breckfast?* my mum chirped.

*yes i did thanks mum and ohh yes please* i chirped back.

*usual?* mum answered.

I gave her a sly look and replied *of course* with a cheeky wink.

Mum made my favourite, scrambled eggs on toast with tinned tomatoes, YUM! I quickly ate what my mum had made me and put the dishes in the sink, gave her a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, grabbed my bag and set off for school.

As i was walking towards the school whilsts texting liv (olivia) i could hear the faint sound of rock music getting louder and louder as it approached me until a black ferari sped past me with its music on full blast and turned into the school gates. Great another headcase starting the school, just what i need.

As i turned into the school the driver of the black ferari stepped out of the car, put on his shades and walked off towards the school office. I think i just had to pick my jaw up off the floor, he was HOT! And not to mention his chocolate brown curls and tanned skin, he was amazing! pwhoarrr....

I kept on walking until i saw olivia waiting for me near the doors, rand up and hugged her.

*hey girliee what took you so long, i was about to send out a search party.* olivia laughed

*sorry, i kinda got abit distracted by the new boy, have you seen him?* i kinda softly whispered so no one else would hear.

*i havent seen him yet but emma says her brother is friends with him, is he hot?*

i laughed at liv's reply and answered *hes more that just hot hes on fire! he's absolutely gorgeous liv*

We both just giggled and headed on into school and sat down in registration waiting for our form tutor miss lee to read out the roll when suddenly the door slammed open and in walked mystery boy and sat down right infront of me, he really was the perfect stranger...

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