The Perfect Stranger

Curly is the nickname i gave him, the boy whom everyone seems to love, the boy who hates me, the boy who i have completely and utterly fallen in love with....
His pearcing green eyes and soft brown curly hair, the way he stands hovering over me asif theres something beneath his hatred towards me but then walks away and never looking back. He's the one i want, the ONLY one i need cant he see that hes just the Perfect Stranger?


5. Great....

Harry's P.O.V

I cant stop thinking about her. Her perfect figure, her gorgeous blue diamond eyes, the way she looks at the ground when she smiles, the way she.... NO HARRY STOP THIS NOW! Shes your best mates sister, you cant be thinking things like this arghhhh, why cant it all just be simple! Or maybe it can, theres no harm in liking her aslong as i dont tell anyone, what louis doesnt know wont hurt him will it?

Ive got to get a way to apoligise to her for everything i said, for the way i acted. Why dont i make her jelous tonight by flirting with liv, then shes gonna come straight to me....sounds like a good plan harold.


Elles P.O.V

*YOU WHAT!!!* i shouted at louis

*calm down elle, i only invited harry and the gang round tonight to watch a film, its not that much of a big deal, c'mon sis, for meeee?* louis whined

I couldnt say not to him when he flutters his eyelashes like a little puppy *fine, but only if liv can come too!*

*yeah, ok*

Great, so my idiot of a brother has invited harry and his mates round whilst mums out to watch a film which means im gonna be stuck with harry having a constant go at me and what a great night im gonna have eyy.Times like this i just like to put some headphones in and block out the world so thats exactly what i did to kill time till 7pm.


*Elle, theyre here* louis shouted up the stairs

so i got out of bed and threw on a pair of trackie bottoms and a plain white vest top and stuck my hair up in a messy bun . i really dont care what any one thinks of what i look like, i just wanna be comfy and relax so thats exactly what im gonna do.

I shot around when i heard my bedroom door burst open and niall came running in like a little kid and threw himself ontop of me, and when i say 'threw' i mean lunged at me like a lion ready to attack its prey, then in came zayn, followed by liam and then louis and liv.

*PILEEE ONNN* everyone screamed

i seriousily worry that we still do things like this and were nearly 18, very worrying. Harry stood at the door watching on as everyone piled ontop of me giggling at the often yelps for help but finally gets everyone to retrite downstairs to watch a film, that is what they came here for after all.

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