The Perfect Stranger

Curly is the nickname i gave him, the boy whom everyone seems to love, the boy who hates me, the boy who i have completely and utterly fallen in love with....
His pearcing green eyes and soft brown curly hair, the way he stands hovering over me asif theres something beneath his hatred towards me but then walks away and never looking back. He's the one i want, the ONLY one i need cant he see that hes just the Perfect Stranger?


11. End

Hi Guys thank you to everyone whos read this, it means the world to me...i know this is only a short book but its because of a little competition i was doing and it needed to be short-ish. But i am gonna work on a new movella over the next few days and hopefully get it the first chapter up here by monday or tuesday night.

Thanks again to everyone for reading and hope you enjoyed it, please leave a comment to tell me what you thought and keep a look out for the new movella which will be called

'where the apples fall'

Its going to be a 1D fanfic (of course) about a teacher/student relationship and i have been given plent of ideas by friends i have met through here so hope your all looking foward to it, i really am and its deffinately gonna be better than this one :D

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