Adoted by one direction?!

Cat is a 11 year old girl who's lived in an adoption shelter for 2 years with her little sister Cameron who's 3. But when one direction come in search of a daughter who would guess they'd pick Cameron and Cat?


6. sick part 2

Niall's POV: We were all in the living room watching TV, cat was there too. that's when I felt sick like my lunch was going to return. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom.

Harry's POV: When Niall jumped up and ran to the bathroom I ran after him. He had closed the door and I could hear him throwing up. I walked back to the living room and saw Cat was gone to. her lunch probably reappeared too.... when they both came back, Louis picked up Cat and I pick up Niall. Then we carried them to Niall's room. we sat them down on the bed and the boys came in. Me and the rest of the boys sat pulled out some chairs and sat down. that's when Zayn started sing 'little things' Louis started stroking Cat's head and I played with Niall's hair. They both looked terrible..... I hope this is nothing serious.......

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