Adoted by one direction?!

Cat is a 11 year old girl who's lived in an adoption shelter for 2 years with her little sister Cameron who's 3. But when one direction come in search of a daughter who would guess they'd pick Cameron and Cat?


2. nightmare

Cat's POV: It was 7 o'clock and we were on the way to our new home and cam was asleep beside me. "So, Cat tell us about your self." Harry said quietly so not to wake cam. "Well, I come from a family of five, I like carrots, my favorite color is green, I like softball, and I am super protective of Cameron." I say. "Oh, cool." Niall said. we got to the house and I picked up Cameron. we walked inside Louis Showed us to our rooms. I gave Cameron to Louis so he could put her to bed and looked around my new room I was a big room with Green walls and a Lime green bedspread. It had a bathroom with green walls and a zebra print carpet. I took off my clothes and hopped  into the shower. when I got out I put on some pj's and went to get me something to drink. I went downstairs and saw the boys. Louis saw me and said, "Hey Cat come here." I went to the couch where they were sitting and saw they were watching spongebob. I chuckled and sat down beside Louis. when I heard a scream. I jumped up. Oh no. no no no no! it was Cameron! the boys and I ran up stairs to see Cameron Wailing on her bed. I ran over. "Are you ok baby? Are you hurt?" I asked. she didn't answer just kept sobbing into my shirt. "I-I-I h-had a b-bad dream." she tried to say. "its ok baby come here." I said. the boys looked at me in amazement. ha ha probably wondering how I handle Cameron so well. "it was about you and Faye." Cameron said as she stopped crying. my face went pale. "About the day when-" she started but I stopped her I didn't want her to say anything about Faye in front of the boys. "we can talk about it later now go back to sleep." I said. I tucked her in and kissed her forehead before I went back downstairs with the boys. "So, what was she talking about?" Louis asked when I got back down stairs. I didn't want to tell them but they deserve to know. so I started to explain what happened on the day when I lost my big sister forever.

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