Adoted by one direction?!

Cat is a 11 year old girl who's lived in an adoption shelter for 2 years with her little sister Cameron who's 3. But when one direction come in search of a daughter who would guess they'd pick Cameron and Cat?


4. News flash

Cat's POV:  One night me, the boys, and cameron were watching the news. I was just about asleep, when I heard a name I hadn't heard in a year. 'Ronney Kelly has broken out of mid east prison and is on the search for is 4 children. He is about 6 ft. tall and has brown curly hair. Police say he is armed. This man is very dangerous, so please if you seen this man or have any imformation please call your local police station.' memories of beatings and him screaming at us came flooding back all at once that tears came pouring down my face. Cameron had already started crying and harry had started singing to her to calm her down. Louis came over to me and put me in his lap. I cried into his shirt for what felt like hours. when I stopped Louis started saying stuff to me like, "Its ok Cat." or "We won't let him hurt you." Finally I looked him in the eye and said, "Louis, I know him. He won't think twice about shooting any of you. He is very mad at us and when he's mad, he won't let anything stop him from getting what he wants." "Cat you and Cameron are part of our family now. As long as we are here no one will hurt you." He said. Then Louis picked me up and carried me to bed.


A/N Hello my sexy potatoes! I hope you are liking this story! I love adopted by one direction stories so I am writing one! And say hello to the new co-author K.Styles.

See ya later- chloe

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