Adoted by one direction?!

Cat is a 11 year old girl who's lived in an adoption shelter for 2 years with her little sister Cameron who's 3. But when one direction come in search of a daughter who would guess they'd pick Cameron and Cat?


1. how it started

Cat's POV: I played with the hem of my dress, sitting on the bench in a big room with about 12 kids 3-13 in it. I was so nervous. not just for me but for Cameron too. I can't let us get split up I just can't! Jamie and josh had taken from us and Faye.... I can't think about her or I'll burst into tears. And I can't let that happen until the Adopters get done picking someone. oh, I'm so nervous! "Cat?" Cameron asked. "Huh? oh, sorry baby girl." I say. "are you ok?" she asked. "I'm fine sweetie." I say. oh, and by the way I am VERY protective of Cameron. she's all I have left.... "Ok children! we have 5 nice gentlemen here to adopt one of you! boys you may go ahead and speak to the kids." Mrs.Hilley said. "Hey." someone said. I looked up and there was a brown haired boy standing in front of me and Cam. "Hello." I say. "what's your name?" he asked. "I'm Cat and  this is Cameron." I say trying to hide my nervousness. "That's some beautiful names. I'm Louis." "Nice to meet you, sir." I say. "Nice to meet you to and you to Cameron!" he said ruffling mine and Cameron's hair. he walked away to the other boys.

Louis's POV: " Boys! Boys!" they all came over. "I just met the nicest two girls!" I say. "Who are they?" Harry say. "There names are Cat and Cameron." I said proudly. "Aww... Cute names!" Niall says. "The girls I talked to were brats" Zayn said. the other boys agreed. "So I think we know who we are adopting." I said. "Yes." all the boys said. 


Cat's POV: "You boys have chosen who you are adopted right?" Mrs.Hilley said. "That's right. We are adopting Cat and Cameron!" Louis said. my mouth fell to the floor. US??? ME AND CAM?! OMG! "Girls go get packed! you're getting adopted!" mrs.Hilley said. I picked up Cameron and headed up stairs. I can't Believe this is happening!!!

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