Adoted by one direction?!

Cat is a 11 year old girl who's lived in an adoption shelter for 2 years with her little sister Cameron who's 3. But when one direction come in search of a daughter who would guess they'd pick Cameron and Cat?


7. doctors vist

Louis's POV: It's been a few hours since Niall and Cat went to sleep, and I'm a bit worried. The only time they've woken up is to throw up. I decided it was time to take them to the doctor. "Cat, Niall, wake up." I said lightly shaking they're shoulders. "what?" Niall groaned. "Come on now, wake up! I'm taking you two to the doctor." I said. they groaned. so I pick Cat up and got Harry to help Niall and we took them down to the car got in and drove off.

*skip car ride*

When we got to the doctors office, me and Harry got them in and sat them down. I went up to the desk, "Hello how may I help you?" the lady asked. "My friend and daughter are sick they've been throwing up." I said. "names?" she asked. "Cat Tomlinson, C-A-T T-O-M-L-I-N-S-O-N and Niall Horan, N-I-A-L-L    H-O-R-A-N." I spelled for her. "Ok, go to the waiting room down the hall. the doctor will see you in a minute. I thanked her and me and Harry took them to a waiting room. after about 5 minutes a nurse called, "Niall Horan and Cat Tomlinson?" I stood up with cat and Harry stood up with Niall and we followed the nurse down the hall and went into a small room. a tall man with gray hair, walked in the room. "hello, I'm Dr. Johnson. What seems to be the problem?" he asked. "Well they've been throwing up since yesterday and they were running a fever too." I said. the doctor took they're temperature and did some other things. Then finally he said, "They both have the stomach bug." he prescribed some meds. and I thanked him. when we got back home me and Harry gave them the meds. and let them get some rest while I went and checked on Cameron. I walked to her room and got her out of bed we needed to get her away from Niall and Cat so she wont get sick. I took her down stairs and gave her some ice cream. I let her watch spongebob while me and the boys talked. "Paul said we are going on tour in a month." Zayn said. "What?! its July what about school for cat?" I said. "Don't worry Louis we can get her a private teacher." Liam said. "well, ok." I said. "hahaha daddy Lou look at Patrick!!!" Cameron said. "Shhhh. Cameron yes I see that is funny but be a bit quieter daddy Niall and sissy are sleeping." I said. "Ok daddy." she said. me and the boys finished talking and decided to watch spongebob with Cam.




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