Two best friends , Two boys , Four hearts with a risk of being broken but when your in love its a risk you have too take.
One Direction fanfiction based on Two girls , Niall Horan and Harry Styles.


3. Thorpe park thrills

***Niall's POV***


The car journey to Thorpe park seemed to last forever but there was definitely one thing keeping me occupied, Iliza.  Her laugh could melt your heart like butter on a frying pan! I couldn't help but stare at her beauty. Her tousled mousy brown hair that flowed all the way down to the bottom of her waist. After a car journey which concluded in me staring discreetly at Iliza we finally made it to Thorpe park! Once we had all got out of the car all we saw was flashing lights EVERYWHERE! "Paparazzi must of followed us!" Harry said "Maybe we should get back in the car and wait until the Thorpe park security get to the car" I suggested. They all agreed.

***Brooklyn's POV***


"CAN YOU CONFIRM THAT YOU ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH BROOKLYN MCNEELY?" the reporter repeated. I don't know if it was just me but I'm sure that after the reporter asked Harry that I heard him say 'I wish' under his breathe, Oh well I must just be imagining things? Eventually the crowd cleared and we made it into the park. There was something different about Iliza today? There was a little sparkle in her eyes whenever she looked at Niall... Maybe there's some sort of connection between them because all Niall was doing was looking at her for the whole journey, I'm no cupid but I can sense a spark there.

The first ride Niall ran to was SAW, I knew for a fact that Iliza hated that ride so this will not be good. Harry went to the Detonator. I could see Iliza hesitating as Niall walked towards the ride. I left her to make her own decision and went to line up for the detonator.


***Iliza's POV***


I was so scared to go on SAW THE RIDE! I had been on it before and I absolutely hated it! "Niall wait up!" As I joined Niall in the queue I think he could tell I was scared. "Iliza there is no need to be scared , its just a ride! Come here" He wrapped his arms around me and comforted me. I felt really relaxed with Niall not to mention he is so cute! I love his blonde quiff , his bright blue eyes and his smile could light up the whole world! "So do you work anywhere?" Niall asked "No , I go the Leeds university with Brooklyn." I smiled "You have a beautiful smile!" When he said that I couldn't help but blush. "Thank you. You have a beautiful smile as well!" We both chuckled. "You nervous?" He asked "Yes I am. I hate this ride. I have been on it before and I swore I'd never go on it again!" I replied "Then why did you come with me?" "Because I didn't want to leave poor little Niall all by himself!" I said in a teasingly way. "I'm not the one who was shaking just because of a ride" I punched him hard in the arm! I wasn't meant to punch him so hard it was just too teach him a lesson. "Ow! You can punch hard!" I couldn't help but laugh! 


As we were about to get onto the ride I took hold of Niall's hand , he seemed surprised but he just simply smiled! As the safety barriers came down I squeezed onto Niall's hand. "Its going to be okay iliza. I promise." I gave him a weak smile. As the ride started I began too shake , Niall kept on looking at me to see if I was okay. "Trust me you will be fine! You do trust me right?" I nodded my head slightly. The ride started to move and jolted me forwards and I started freak out. I knew I couldn't go back now , Its too late! "Niall I'm scared!" "Iliza I told you , don't be scared! Trust me okay. The ride will soon be over!" His angelic smile warmed my heart! *5 minutes later* "Oh my god. I swear I am never going on that ride again. And I seriously mean it this time!" I hated that ride and the worst part was Niall couldn't stop laughing at me while I was screaming... "Your face though when we was upside down!" Niall was in hysterics. "It wasn't funny! I was so scared!" Niall grabbed me by the waist and twisted me round. I was stunned by his next move! He kissed me. "Niall what are you doing?" I said confused. "Sorry I just had to!" And didn't know how to reply , we haven't even been on a date! "Sorry for kissing you iliza. I shouldn't have done it!" I felt bad for Niall. I mean I didn't mind kissing him it was just the fact we haven't been on a date! "No its fine Niall its just I only know you through magazines." There was a minute of silence  between us until Niall interrupted "Do you want to go on a date then?"  I looked at Niall and although it was a bit fast I couldn't help but say yes.


***Brooklyns POV***


As the detonator slowly went up I saw something VERY interesting... 

NIALL WAS KISSING ILIZA. For some reason I felt a pang of jealousy in my stomach and a horrible feeling came along after it, I didn't know what kind of feeling it was but it sure as hell wasn't a nice one. I turned to Harry and he smiled at me showing off his deep dimples. As his sparkly emerald eyes looked into mine I felt butterflies in my stomach, whenever he looked at me he gave me such a rush. "Harry, I-I'm scared." I said tearfully. "Don't worry Brooklyn I'm here for you, I will never let anyone or anything hurt you and when I promise I mean it for the rest of my life, here hold my hand, it might make you feel better." I took Harry's soft hand and fiddled with his fingers until the Detonator dropped. It felt like my stomach was coming out of my mouth, going back in then doing back flips inside of me, so it wasn't great! Finally the ride ended! As soon as the ride had finished I jumped off of the platform and tried to get as far away from that ride as possible, as I turned around harry had this look on his face (A/N the picture is at the bottom) it was as if he was smirking at me in a kind of lustful way...

Eventually, he caught up with me. "I told you I'd protect you." Harry said cheekily. "You sure did!" I replied.  We carried on walking towards Niall and Iliza until Harry stopped me and turned towards me. "I know you may think it's a bit fast but there's something about you that I can't quite get enough of, would you like to go on a date with me?" He said cheekily. I hesitated for a moment as I knew Harry had a bit of a reputation as a ladies man but it was a risk I was willing to take. "erm sure, would you like my number?" I handed Harry my phone and he added his number. We met with Niall and Iliza and they were acting like nothing had happened I decided not to question her as she gets embarrassed quite easily. For the rest of the day we just wondered the park going on loads of different rides, the last ride we went on was Swarm, that ride should be illegal from how scary it is! Iliza through up twice after going on that! The boys drove us home but as soon as me and Iliza got out of the car I confronted her about the kiss. "So you and Niall, huh?" I  questioned. "I don't wanna talk about it." she said unwillingly. "Fine but be expecting a 20 question phone call later!" I laughed. "I'll be waiting!" she sarcastically replied.

Me and Iliza went our separate ways and I thought I'd text Harry. As soon as I found him on my phone I was in hysterics. He saved his name as 'Cupcake Hazza<3'! By the time I had finished laughing it was nearly midnight so I thought I better go to sleep, wow what a day!



SO this was the 3rd chapter of Complications, sorry for TeenageDirtbag2's name change (she forgot her password LLN) we are both really pleased with the feedback sooo keep commenting:)<3 xoxo




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