Two best friends , Two boys , Four hearts with a risk of being broken but when your in love its a risk you have too take.
One Direction fanfiction based on Two girls , Niall Horan and Harry Styles.


2. Shopping!

***iliza's POV***


All of a sudden I jolted up out of bed , I couldn't remember a thing last night! But then I remembered Brooklyn! I didn't even see her in the club I just thought that she was off dancing with some boys. Searching for my phone my foot hit something hard and I tripped. "Ouch!" I looked behind me and there laying on the floor was a naked man!!! "Alright honey?" he said groggily "Urm what exactly happened last night?" I asked "Well we played scrabble and I won" he said sarcastically "What do you think happened babe?" I was surprised at what he said , I had never had a one night stand before! "Shit! Get out! Get out of my house!!"  "Alright alright I'm going. Just let me get dressed!" I pushed him into the bathroom and shut the door. After he had got dressed I kicked him out of my house. "Right , now where is my bloody phone?" I said to myself. I finally found my phone , it said I had 25 missed calls! They were all from Brooklyn! *Rings her back* "Brook I'm so sorry for leaving you! Where are you?" "Guess where I am?" "Your not in prison are you?!?" "No! I'm at Harry Styles house!" she said with excitement "And guess where we're going tomorrow?" "Where?" "THORPE PARK WITH HARRY AND NIALL!" I didn't know what to say. I had always been a big fan of 1D and I have to say I have a soft spot for Niall. "Oh my god...What am I going to wear?" "Don't worry Iliza we can just go shopping" "Okay well get over to mine and we will go shopping!" She hung up and I quickly got ready, there's nothing better then shopping with your best friend! I wore this to shopping Brooklyn turned up wearing this: I laughed at the state she was in, obviously she didn't have any clothes at Harry's  house so she must've had to borrow his sweats! As soon as she arrived we went straight to the shopping centre. 

We looked around in dozens of shops until we found the perfect outfits! Finally, after hours of trying things on Brooklyn bought this outfit: and I found this:  I have to admit we didn't look to bad! For once i actually felt pretty confident, I have a good feeling about this.



After driving Brooklyn home I couldn't stop thinking about her perfect blue eyes and long black hair. I stopped off at Niall's to pick him up and then we went to pick up her and her friend Iliza (or was it Ibiza? I couldn't remember her name.) up  to go straight to Thorpe park, it was only about a 30-45 minute drive so it wouldn't be too bad.

We pulled up into the drive a girl with brown hair ran out of the door and straight to the car! I was quite surprised, I was expecting her to be as chilled out as Brooklyn, she must be pretty excited to go to Thorpe park. As Brooklyn walked out of the door I couldn't help but stare at her beauty. It was as if she was walking in slow motion. After practically drooling over her I finally snapped out of my day dream when I heard a high-pitched squeal coming out of Iliza's mouth, I'm guessing she's a fan...

"I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M IN THE SAME CAR AS HARRY STYLES AND NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING! OH MY GOD THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!" She screamed. "ssh calm down Iliza remember Niall doesn't like screaming fans!" Brooklyn whispered in her ear. I saw a grin appear on Niall's face as he was obviously checking Iliza out in his mirror. Thorpe park here we come...


So this is the second chapter of complications! This was written by both TeenageDirtbag2 and me PicklePops123! Please like, favourite and fan both of us! Also leave feed back because we will read it and take it into account!


 The picture below is a picture of what Iliza would look like<3



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