Two best friends , Two boys , Four hearts with a risk of being broken but when your in love its a risk you have too take.
One Direction fanfiction based on Two girls , Niall Horan and Harry Styles.


1. New Beginnings



It was a fun afternoon getting ready for a wild night with my best friend Iliza as we were going clubbing at one of the biggest events in town! I wore this (A/N the link to the polyvore isn't working so you have to highlight it then right click then click go to link, the same applies for all the other links:) and Iliza wore this ! I was really nervous because i had never been to a proper club before, I had been to house parties but nothing major. I get claustrophobic really easily and hate being in cramped spaces for too long so a club isn't the best environment for me. Just as i was adding the finishing touches to my make-up the taxi arrived.


After a taxi journey which seemed to last forever we finally arrived at club 222!  For a small town it was really busy tonight and there was a lot of what looked like paparazzi. Maybe there's someone famous here?! Oh well I'll soon see. " Do I look okay? I'm really paranoid! What if Harry's in there!!!?????? I think i may go into a hole and cry, MORE LIKE DIEEEEEE!" Iliza screamed in my face. "You look beautiful now go in there and shake yo' ass until you find harry styles... because that's sooo going to happen...?" I replied. Its obvious he isn't going to be in there, Harry Styles could be anywhere in the world at this minute, what are the chances he'd be here? Anyway putting my thoughts about a cheesy heartthrob aside it is time to partay!

As I entered the club I felt like everybody was staring at me, it was probably the most awkward feeling of my life. 

Iliza danced off with some boy somewhere so i went up to the bar to get a drink, as i was there something or someone caught my eye. A curly haired boy with sparkling bright green eyes. Wait, it couldn't be? Harry Styles was sitting next to me...

I didn't know what to say or how to react so i just walked away. Suddenly i found myself in amongst a group of men, each one pushing me back into the middle as i tried to get out of the circle. "Where you going princess, your staying right here with us, now dance show me what you can do!" One of the men ordered. All of a sudden one of the men wrestled me to the floor and by instinct i just screamed at the top of my lungs! The man on top  of me was thrown off and i got back up. There was a bunch of men falling to the ground but i was thrown back down when a slightly beaten Harry Styles fell on top of me. "Are you ok? Your lip, its busted!  Here let me help you outside!" So there i was, dragging a near unconscious superstar out of a club, what an amazing experience! I sat him down on top of an empty basket  and wiped the blood off of his face. "Are you ok? Those men got you pretty bad, well not as bad as you hurt them but i think your nose may be broken!" i questioned. "I'm more worried about you, i saw a bunch of men surrounding a beautiful woman who is WAY out of there league so i knew something was wrong. The next thing i know one of them had rugby tackled you to the floor, the question is are you ok!?" He asked worriedly. "I'm Fine, just a little shaken up thats all, i think you're going to have  to go to hospital. Do you have a car here? I haven't had anything to drink so i could drive you." He led me around the corner to his car. I stood there in awe! It was a classic! My great- grandmother had a picture of her with one of these! I drove in silence as Harry made sure he didn't have any blood in his perfect curls. Eventually, (after a drive without a word spoken) we made it to the hospital. We walked in and made our way to the receptionist. "Hello, my friend here got into an accident and i think he may have broken his nose and may need stitches on his lip. How long do you think it will  be until he gets seen because i really need to be somewhere?" i asked the nurse. "yes i see, well you may have to wait for a minimum of 3 hours, however i may beable to speed up time for 2 front row seats to a concert?" I couldn't actually believe that the nurse had bribed harry? Harry didn't seem bothered he just gave her the tickets and sat in the waiting room. We were told to wait until we were called in.  "Mr.Styles, Dr.Peffing will see you now. We sat in the doctors room and explained the story to the doctor, all he said was that it was only a few cuts and we were free to go. I drove harry back to his house but i suddenly realised i had left my door keys with Iliza and my purse so there was no way for me to get home! "Erm, Harry do you think i could stay here the night, its just theresno way for me to get home?" i asked innocently. "yes of course,  now will we be sharing a bed or will i be on the  sofa?" he said with a cheeky grin. I playfully punched him on the arm. "I'm guessing that means im on the sofa..." he said disappointedly. I had nothing to wear in bed so i had to wear some of harrys sweats! "Me and Niall were meant to be going to thorpe park tomorrow with 2 of our friends but ed sheeran and demi lovato couldn't make it. I was wondering if you and your friend would wanna come with us?" Harry asked sweetly. "Sure, i'd like that a lot"

I drifted off into a deep sleep unsure entirely of what was going on.  I went out for a night out and it concluded with me sleeping in Harry Styles's bed, and i'm going to a theme park with Niall Horan and him tomorrow. Shit! Iliza doesn't know where i am! Oh well, she'll be in for a surprise when she finds out about this...


This is the first chapter of Complications! This chapter was written by the co- author, TeenageDirtbag2 (please fan her she does some amazing fanfics, one shots and imagines!) Remember this is just the first chapter so there's a lot more to come!


The picture below is a picture of Brooklyn <3


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