My Crazy, Supernatural Life

Ever since Lauren Salvatore found her two brothers five years ago, things haven't really gone smoothly. There are the normal teenage problems, but then there are the supernatural problems. Not to mention the super overprotective brothers. But when Lauren starts to rebel and not listen, what happens?


4. Chapter 4


 So, I'm updating a chapter today. I might update tomorrow, but I'm not sure. I will try to get a few chapters in before Wednesday. I leave Tuesday night for Washington DC for a school trip, so I won't be able to update. But I'm gonna try to get a chapter in tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Maybe even more than one a day. This is a chapter and not just an author's note, just so you know. But being the cool people we are, me and my sister ordered pizza hut and started watching High School Musical 3. I swear, I was acting like I was 5. We were sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the floor in front of the TV, singing along to the movie. Then, when I saw it was raining, and I was bored, I decided to update. Anyways: here is the chapter. xoxo -L




I watched groggily as Stefan and Klaus left the room. Turning my head, I noticed someone sitting in a chair. It was Hunter.

 "Hey Hunter," I said and smiled at him.

 "Lauren? Hunter isn't here," Damon told me.

 "Yeah, there is. He's sitting in the corner over there," I said and pointed to Hunter sitting in the armchair. Damon looked over.

 "She's hallucinating," Damon told Elena. 

 "I'm hungry," I mumbled. 

 "I'll get you a blood bag," Elena said, leaving the room with Bonnie in tow. 

 "Hunter," I mumbled, "Melissa, Kenzie, Emily, Eddie, Nathan."

 "Stop! You need to get over them," Damon told me, with anger and worry in his voice. Elena and Bonnie came back at that moment. I turned away, eyes closing slowly.

 "Blood," Damon said, pressing the bag to my lips. I gratefully took it and drained it. I felt a little stronger, but not much. The vervain was also wearing off. 

 The doorbell rang throughout the house and Damon looked at me.

 "Don't look at me. I've been confined here," I told him before getting a shooting pain in my head. I grabbed at my head when Damon left, teeth gritted in pain.

 When Damon did come back, there were six people behind him. Melissa, Emily, Nathan, Eddie, Kenzie, and Mark.

 "Hi Lauren," one of them said. Damon looked at me, his face hard to read. I shook my head at him, but he let them into the room.

 "What are you doing here?" I barely got out. 

 "We cam to see you. To see if it was true and not just some prank," Melissa told me.

 "You guys should go," I answered before picking up the last blood bag feebily, then drinking it.

 "How are you?" Mark asked.

 "Let's see, Damon?" was my answer. I looked at Damon, who sighed.

 "Well, she was bitten by a hybrid as well as a broken rib which should be almost done healing. That and she is thirsty and feverish all of the time," he said calmly in reply.

 "What is so bad about a hybrid bite?" Melissa asked. I guess she was the designated talker for today.

 "She will get super hungry, or thirsty if you want to put it that way, and weak. Then she will hallucinate, which already happened, and finally go on a killing spree. Or she will at least try," Damon said sadly. 

 I was getting really hungry and I made my decision in a second, or more like my thirst did it for me. I was by the window in a few seconds.

 "Damon!" I hissed. 

 "Guys, back up," Damon commanded. Bonnie, Elena, and Jeremy went to stand in front of them. I hadn't realized that those three were still here. 

 "Calm down Lauren, control it," Damon cautioned.

 "I can't, I just can't. Just help me," I pleaded. I didn't want to hurt anybody, but my mind was going hazy and I knew I would snap at any moment.

 "Bonnie, You know what to do?" Damon asked. She nodded and looked at me.

 "When I tell you. If needed, of course," he told her.

 "Damon," I warned, "I can't fight it much longer." I took off through the closed window, yes closed. I was almost over the balcony before Damon, being the super fast and strong vampire he is, grabbed my arm and yanked me back. I felt a prick and soon vervain flooded my system. I stopped and started to slowly sink to the floor, but Damon caught me and placed me back on the bed.

 "The bloodlust has started," Damon told Bonnie and Elena before addressing the six teenagers that were standing near the wall. "You guys should go wait downstairs." They nodded and left. Jeremy entered the room. Wow, my senses were so wacked that I didn't notice him leave. He had a few blood bags in his hands. He tossed one to Damon, who ripped it open with his teeth and gave it to me. I drank greedily, one after another, until they were gone. 

 It was when I was asking for another one that Klaus and Stefan returned. Stefan nodded at Damon and Klaus came to stand by my bed. He sat down on the bed next to my head and bit into his wrist. He held my head up and coaxed me to drink. Soon, my teeth were sunk into his wrist while my head was laying on his lap. 

 "I think that's enough," Klaus said after what seemed like no time at all. He stood up and instead of just leaving, he cut his palm with the knife he had been playing with earlier. He squeezed his hand shut and let the blood drip into a glass bottle. He stopped it up and handed it to Damon.

 "Just in case. House calls aren't really my thing," he addressed Damon before turning to me. "You will probably pass out. Not to worry, just my 'special healing blood' working." Klaus smirked at all of us before heading out to the balcony, presumably jumping off and heading towards his mansion.

 Klaus was right. I was beginning to get really tired and eventually passed out. 

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