My Crazy, Supernatural Life

Ever since Lauren Salvatore found her two brothers five years ago, things haven't really gone smoothly. There are the normal teenage problems, but then there are the supernatural problems. Not to mention the super overprotective brothers. But when Lauren starts to rebel and not listen, what happens?


3. Chapter 3


So I released this like less than 5 hours ago and I was pleasantly surprised when I checked in on the progress. So, even though it's late, I will update. And I've been wanting to update anyway, but I've also been reading this other story that is REALLY good. I'm rambling. Anyway, here's the chapter. I know it's short, but it's really late and I had practice tonight so I am practically as exhausted (or tired or whatever you want to call it) as the character Lauren. xoxo -L


 "Mmmmhhhmmm...." I groaned. I opened my eyes and I was back in Damon's room. There was more blood on the sheets and blood bags littered the floor and the space next to me. A few empty syringes were on the nightstand next to me, along with a few full ones. I moved my head sluggishly. Damon, Stefan, and Elena stood around watching me. Wow, I felt like a threat at the moment. I started to sit up.

 "Don't try to get up," Damon said, "me and Stefan injected you with enough vervain that even moving will be hard."

 "Why?" I asked before coughing.

 "Because, we can't have you running off and killing innocent citizens. It may be the bite, but still," Stefan replied in an all-knowing tone. I coughed again, then threw up blood, right onto Damon's pillows. That he deserved. Injecting me with vervain.

 "Klaus should be here soon," I heard Bonnie, who had just entered the room, whisper to Elena.

 "What? Why the hell is Klaus coming?!" I asked, meaning to be loud, but it came out hoarse and soft. The poison was fighting its way into my system. Shutting down my organs, making me go insane, causing insane bloodlust. Basically turning me into a rabid animal.

 "Klaus and us made a deal. He is gonna give you some of his special healing blood and we are going to give him a casket," Damon answered me.

 "No. I'd rather die than drink that scumbag's blood," I mumbled out. I was slowly loosing consciousness again.

 "That scumbag is going to save your life," an accented voice said. Klaus leaned against the doorway, playing with a dagger. Jeremy had escorted him in.

 "Can you just heal her so we can get on with our lives?" Damon asked. None of them were even looking at me.

 "Ah, not yet. I will be requiring a casket first. Or else we don't have a deal," Klaus responded.

 "Fine, follow me," Stefan told him, walking out the bedroom door. Klaus stopped playing with the dagger and smirked before turning around and following him.

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