My Crazy, Supernatural Life

Ever since Lauren Salvatore found her two brothers five years ago, things haven't really gone smoothly. There are the normal teenage problems, but then there are the supernatural problems. Not to mention the super overprotective brothers. But when Lauren starts to rebel and not listen, what happens?


2. Chapter 2

 I came back to my senses a little while later, but immediately started drifting in and out of consciousness, hearing various snatches of conversation. But eventually I awoke, in a bed not mine but Damon's. Blood was on the sheets, my blood. NO one else was in the room, but the window was open. I felt the pain of Jakkob's bite, but my hunger was stronger. No, my thirst to be exact. I was out the window in a second, running towards town.

 "Oh yeah baby! Yeah baby!" I heard from a tent in the middle of the woods. Stupid people. The woods can be dangerous you know. I stepped behind a tree, making as much nose as possible, to lure one of them out. Soon, one of them did come out and looked around. I pounced, my mouth finding way to his neck, sucking his life away. He struggled and tried to cry out but I clamped my hand over his mouth so his cries were muffled. I was soon finished with him, moving on to his companion, then moving towards town again.

 A man was taking out his trash. Perfect target. I rushed up to him and sank my teeth into his neck. I was about to finish him off, but out of nowhere, someone pulled me off and forced me against a wall.

 "What the hell are you thinking?!" Damon yelled in my face.

 "I'm hungry! Let me go!" I snarled. I saw Stefan checking on the man, the one I drank from. Damon must have seen my eyes because he yanked me away, back towards the woods.

 "Let go!" I snarled yet again. I kicked and punched but Damon kept pulling me towards the woods, not giving an inch. I wasn't as strong, but eventually he got fed up and stabbed me with a syringe full of vervain. He picked me up and started carrying me, right before my consciousness fled yet again.

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