My Crazy, Supernatural Life

Ever since Lauren Salvatore found her two brothers five years ago, things haven't really gone smoothly. There are the normal teenage problems, but then there are the supernatural problems. Not to mention the super overprotective brothers. But when Lauren starts to rebel and not listen, what happens?


1. Chapter 1

 Bam! The doors burst open and a man in jeans, a white t-shirt, and a leather jacket strode in. Obviously a vampire, or hybrid, or werewolf. One of the three.

 "Lauren Salvatore!" he boomed in his deep voice. I looked up from tying my shoe. I was in PE at the moment and we were about to start round two of prison dodge ball against Ms Clarke's class. Crap, everyone knew me as Lauren Stamon. 

 "What do you want? Wait, who are you?" I asked him. He was getting even closer to me.

 "Klaus, your brothers are very familiar with me. I am sure they have told you about me," he responded. I am sure that my eyes were showing scared. Ah, shit. No one knew I had brothers.

 "What do you want Klaus?" I asked again. I was pretty sure that everyone was confused, their staring and whispering telling me so.

 "Your brother did something I wish he hadn't. He stole my family. I know you know where they are and you are going to take me to them," he told me, seemingly calm.

 "Never. You may think you are big and bad, but you are just a coward," I answered him, just as calm. His facial expression changed. In a flash, he had me by the throat up against the bleachers, with a gun pointed at me. Obviously that wasn't the answer he wanted.

 "Wooden bullets, soaked in vervain. One shot and you are immobilized. Now tell me, where is my family?" he whispered in my ear, "or shall I compel you to stake yourself."

 "News flash, you can kill me. 160 years or so is good enough for me. So kill me, see what I care," I told him, hearing people whispering about the 160 years or so part.

 "I know you don't care if you die, but you do care about your brothers," he replied with an evil hint.

 I pushed him off of me, broke a piece of wood off of the bleachers, and jabbed it into his neck, in about 2.3 seconds.

 "Really?" he asked. He pulled it out, threw it to the side, and shot me 3 times just below the heart. Pain exploded through me. 'Vervain + wooden bullets = half dead vampire,' I thought. Of course, vervain didn't effect me as much because Damon and Stefan are building up an immunity to it by taking a shot of vervain every day. They also make me do it too.

 "In 18 minutes and 30 seconds you brothers are-," he got cut off when the door opened again. Damon and Stefan strode in, Stefan looking really angry.

 "Klaus, last time you tried to burn me, now you have hybrids try to bite me?!" Stefan exclaimed, "I think we need to settle this. Right here, right now!" He launched himself at Klaus while Damon came over and knelt beside me.

 "Get these bullets out! I can feel them rubbing against my heart every time I move." He started pulling them out quickly, then ran over to where Klaus and Stefan were fighting.

 I lifted up my shirt to check the wound and saw it was gradually shrinking, finally down to nothing. Super awesome vampire healing powers strike again!

 I whipped around and started toward Klaus, only to be tackled. A hybrid, named Jakkob I think, had done it. I wriggled out form underneath him, only to be shot up with vervain. Slowly, I sank to the ground, veins burning. The syringe must have had more than I was used to.

 'Fuck,' I thought. Just then I felt teeth scrape against my skin. finally sinking in to my flesh. I gasped, loudly apparently, because Damon, Stefan, and Klaus turned to face Jakkob and me. Stefan looked shocked. A hybrid or werewolf bite could kill a vampire, spreading the venom slowly, making them go crazy and rabid and bloodthirsty, then eventually die. 

 "Jakkob! Stop!" Klaus yelled, but still Jakkob continued, sucking away my life. Even vampires need blood in them to survive. I don't think Jakkob COULD stop, let alone want to.

 "Jakkob! We need her! Stop right now!" Klaus ordered again, but Jakkob did not stop. I saw the horrified faces of my former classmates. Former because I could never come back, if I survived. 

 Klaus tackled Jakkob, who took a chunk of my skin with him when he was pulled off. Stefan immediately joined the fight. 

 Damon grabbed an abandoned sweatshirt off of the ground and handed it to me. I pressed it against my shoulder. He helped me off the ground and to a chair. I looked over and watched Stefan and Klaus try to kill Jakkob, right in front of everyone else. My former classmates were huddled in little groups, but these groups were spread out. 

 "For now, here," Damon told me and offered me his wrist. I gratefully sunk my teeth in. I felt more and more strength returning to my body. I pulled away and wiped my mouth on his sleeve.

 "Gee, thanks," he said, voice laced with sarcasm.

 "You are oh-so-welcome," I answered him, voice equally sarcastic. 

 "You okay for now?" he asked, back to a serious tone. I nodded, but I couldn't look at my shoulder without taking off my shirt, which I wasn't going to do here. I had enough energy to walk on my own, so I walked. Quickly, I walked over to where Klaus and Stefan were attempting to finish off Jakkob. He escaped from their grasp and ran towards me. 

 I tried to dodge him, but he grabbed my head, snapping my neck. That's when everything went black.




 If you didn't know already, this is based off of the Vampire Diaries. I started writing this a year and a half ago in a notebook, and decided to put it on here. I have modified it a little from the paper version, but not much. If you could like, comment, favorite, or give me any feedback that would be awesome. Also, don't forget to check out my other stories! xoxo -L

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