My Crazy, Supernatural Life

Ever since Lauren Salvatore found her two brothers five years ago, things haven't really gone smoothly. There are the normal teenage problems, but then there are the supernatural problems. Not to mention the super overprotective brothers. But when Lauren starts to rebel and not listen, what happens?


5. Author's Note: PLEASE READ


I don't want to be one of those people that just makes up excuses to why they didn't update, but I have a really good reason. My laptop broke. A screw got in the fan and broke it, so the motherboard fried. I didn't get a new one until Christmas a few days ago, when my family got me a MacBook! It's amazing. And I thought I would try and update. I have to find the notebook with the story in it, and then I have to find time to actually update. I am remodeling my room and I only have 6 more days, and tomorrow I might not even be home. So yeah, sorry for the A/N. I know some of you might have been looking for an actual chapter. I will update tomorrow. I promise. xoxo 


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