The Babies

I had sex with Harry Styles. Yeah, I know you're freaking out, but don't. It was just a one night stand. We were drunk, and we had a little too much. Now, I'm pregnant for his kids, and I'm dating Liam Payne. I can do this... Right?



"Ok, well. I'm the father so um.... When are you due?," Harry asked. "June 1st," I replied. "That's in three days, and you're just telling me this!?!?," he shouted. Everyone looked at me as Liam looked away guiltily. "Well, actually, it's Liam's turn to confess," I said, quietly. "Um... I didn't want her to tell you until we knew for sure you were the father," Liam rushed. I shook my head and said, "Tell the truth." "I wanted to be the dad," Liam mumbled. "What? Ok, she's your girlfriend, but you wanted to be my kid's dad, really? I mean, I understand, if you help Jasmine raise the baby when I'm not there, but you didn't even want to tell me about my kid," Harry ranted, standing up angrily. "What do you expect me to do, Harry? I know you too well. If we didn't tell you, we would have been happy. That kid doesn't deserve you as a father. You're reckless and can barely take care of yourself. How are you going to take care of yourself. How are you going to raise a baby when you still act like one?," Liam asked, standing to be eye level with Harry. "You son of a bloody bitch!," Harry screamed before jumping on Liam and punching him. Liam rolled to wear he was on top and punched, repeatedly. "Stop, Liam. Stop," I said, getting up against Perrie and Eleanor trying to stop me. "Liam," I said, stopping his arm before he could punch Harry again. He got up, still angry. He looked into my fearful eyes. "I'm sorry. I-I don't know what happened. I just couldn't take it anymore. I already know what's gonna happen. You're going to end up with him since it's your kid, and I just don't want to be around when that happens," he mumbled before walking away from me and towards the door. I started crying after he walked out. I felt arms wrap around me and looked up to see Niall. "Sh. It's ok. He's just mad," he said as I cried into his chest. I felt the girls' hands rubbing my back and making soothing noises. "I'll go find him," Louis said, walking towards the door. "Thank you," I mumbled. "You're welcome," he said with a small smile. "I'll come with you," Zayn muttered before they both walked out. "I'll go make us something to eat," Harry said, uncomfortably. Niall said, "Yeah," barely paying attention.

Liam's P.O.V.

She's gonna leave me for Harry, I thought as I drove. I parked the car and walked out. I sat on the sand and looked at the water crashing in. This was the beach Jasmine and I had our first date. We had gotten ice cream, laughed, and I sang her a song. I remeber how her face turned beat red when I finished, and she giggled nervously with her beautiful smile on her face. She's still the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Her ever-changing eyes went from blue to green to violet, and sometimes, to gold when she's excited. Her freckles made her even more adorable and soft lips so kissable. Her dirty blond hair fell to her perfectly round bum. I pulled my knees up to myself and put my arms on top. I rested my forehead on my arms as I thought, I'm in love with Jasmine Mary Lake. I'm in love with- My thoughts were interupted by someone saying, "This is the same beach we filmed WMYB (What Makes You Beautiful). Why'd you come here?" I turned to see Louis and Zayn. "I came here because I wanted to," I snapped. I looked toward the waves, remembering when Jasmine and I swan together in our own little world. "You know, you made her cry when you left," Zayn said, sitting next to me. "Why should I care? Harry will take care of her," I said, bitterly. "Why do you say that?," asked Louis, sitting on the other side of me. "Because of this baby. Harry is going to make her fall for him. This baby is going to bring them closer," I said. Zayn and Louis began laughing. "What's so funny?," I asked. "You do realize, Jasmine never did like Harry. They knew each other before we all met on the X Factor. He always had a crush on her, but he gets on her last nerve. The only reason she had sex with him was because she was drunk," said Lou, still laughing. "Yeah, and Jasmine almost kiled Harry when he found her after all these years. She thought, she finally got rid of him. Why do you think he always flirts with her?," asked Zayn. "So, you're saying they've known each other for their whole lives? Yes, because this helps me, how?," I asked. "If she was able to resist Harry her whole life, what makes you think this baby wil change anything?," Zayn asked. I sighed. I really screwed up. "Yes, you did," Louis responded. I looked at him, confused. Then, I realized, I was thinking out loud. "Yes, you were," Zayn said. 'So, are you going to tell us why you're here?," asked Louis. "This is where I took Jasmine for our first date," I said, getting up before I could be questioned farther. I got into my dark blue Mustang, hoping Jasmine will forgive me.

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