The Babies

I had sex with Harry Styles. Yeah, I know you're freaking out, but don't. It was just a one night stand. We were drunk, and we had a little too much. Now, I'm pregnant for his kids, and I'm dating Liam Payne. I can do this... Right?



  "Jasmine. it's time to go," said my wonderful boyfriend, Liam Payne. "I'm coming," I said, giggling at his worried look. I kissed his cheek before i moved past him to walk outside. He quickly locked the door and followed me to the car. "You're going to have to tell Harry," Liam said. "We already discussed this. You are going to be the dad IF he doesn't want to be," I said, sliding into the passenger seat. "I'll help you raise them, but Harry deserves to know," he said as he sat behind the wheel. "I convinced you that," I said, rubbing my belly. "I'm way too noticable. I won't have to say anything to anybody. They'll already know." "Babe, you're fine," Liam said, rubbing my thigh. I sighed. "Ready?," he asked. I nodded, comepletely nervous.


Liam knocked, and Harry answered the door. "Come in," Harry said with a big smile. I walked in and noticed everybody, except Liam, was staring at me. "What? You've never seen a pregnant girl?," I snapped. "You're pregnant!," shouted Eleanor, happily. Perrie smiled and jumped happily alongside Eleanor. "Congrats, man," said Harry, patting Liam on the back. Liam smiled wryly and asked, "Jazz, isn't there something you want to tell Harry?" I grimaced as the girls stopped jumping, ad everyone stared t me. "What?," asked a confused Harry. "Um... Remembr that night we had a one night stand... like rightberofre Liam and I started dating?," I asked. Harry nodded, slowly. "Well, let's just say, Liam and I haven't done anything and this  baby is most likely your," I said, awkwardly. Harry's eyes widened, and he turned ghost white. "Mate, you need to sit," said Louis. Zayn and Niall, quickly, rushed over to help Harry sit in one of the chairs. "You sure?," Harry asked. "99%," I replied. "Who's the one percent?," asked Harry. "My ex-boyfriend from a year ago," I answered. He grimaced and put his face in his hands. "I want to be the father," he said, after a while. "I want to be in my kid's life." "Okay, that's fine," I said. I noticed, Liam was standing in the corner, completely quiet. I tried to stand up, but the girls quickly rushed over to me. "No, you need to stay sitting," said El. I pulled Perrie down so I could whisper, "Get Liam over here. He's my boyfriend, and he is obviously uncomfortable." She pulled him to sit next to me. I laid my head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "We already talked about this, Li. If Harry wants to be the father, he's the father. I told you, you could be the father IF he didn't want to be," I said, quietly. He nodded and rested his head on mine.

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