The new Kid (a one direction fanfiction)

Hailey Anderson lived in Virginia all her life, Intill her mom got a better job in Mullingar Ireland. Her best Taylor comes with them too. When the go to a new school they meet someone and it is one from there........ Is Ireland the new home for Hailey or is Virginia always going to be her home.


6. The Hospital

                                               Hailey's POV

                                                                    I answered the phone " Hello who is this " I asked. " I am the doctor at the local hospital and your mother Miss. Anderson had collaspe at work and we are running some tests on her and would you consider you to come and see the test results."he said. "Okay I will be there in a couple of minutes I have to tell  my school that I'm not going to be here," i said crying."Niall I got to go my mom fanited at work and she is in the hospital and I need to go and she her now". I said crying. I ran back to my car and started the engine. I drove to the hospital and I ran to her room and the doctor was in there and he said " The test results are fininshed," he continued" shes got cancer" he said and That is all I remember.

                                 Niall's POV

                                        I wonder what happend to Miss. Anderson? I hope she's okay. After Hailey left, I went to the main office and said " Hello ,   Hailey Anderson will not be here because there was an emergancy." she looked at me and said "Okay sweetheart thanks for telling". *LUNCH TIME* I went to the table that we always sit at, Taylor was already there. " Hey Niall, where's Hailey? Usualy she never skips school it's usualy me" she said with a laugh." She left because........." I looked and Harry and he finnaly said " She left because she was sick, she looked very pale too" Thank god he finished my cover-up.

                                 Hailey's POV

                                                I woke up to alot of beeping and when I looked it wasn't me hooked, It was my mom. The doctor came in and talked to me." Hailey wheres your father?" he said. " He did in a car crash. Because of a drunk driver." I said." Well Hailey your mom has a brain cancer, she has a tumor on her brain." he said softly. " Do you think she will live ?" I asked with hope. Not knowing if I should ask or not. " Well if she does it's a mirical. Usualy people in her condition don't live but about two and a half months and thats it." he said. I started to cry I looked at the clock 4:00 pm. I'm going to calll Niall and see if Taylor and him and the boys can come down. after two rings Niall answered. "  Hey babe what's up" " Niall can you bring the boys and Taylor down to the hospital, but don't say anthing to Taylor. I will tell y'all what happended when y'all get here okay babe." "Yea that's fine babe. Okay see you in thirthy minutes. Love you" "Love you too babe" and I ended the call. I went back in my mom's room and she was still asleep. I asked the doctor " When is my mom going to wake up?""Today or tomorrow" he said. Okay today was Friday so I was free for two days. OH NO I forgot all about the date. * 20 MINUTES LATER* "Hailey your friends are here" said the nurse. "Hailey what happend to your mom are you and her okay?" Taylor said kinda scared." Eveybody sit down" I said. I was going to cry to. " Mom fainted at work they brung her here and....." I said. I con't finnish the rest but I have to. "And what Hailey" this time everybody asked including Niall." SHE HAS BRAIN CANCER" I cried. Niall and Taylor hugged me and said " We're so sorry Hailey" Taylor started to cry too. "Hailey, do they think she going to live?" she said " They say if she does it's a mirical. The doctor gave here two and a half months". I said, not wanting to speek. Then we heard my mom. " Hailey what are you doing here?" she asked. "Mom I got a call from the hospital. Thats why I'm here" I said softly. " Zayn can you get the doctor please" I asked Zayn. " Sure Hailey" he said back. Then the doctor came in and done so test on my mom and we were sitting in the waiting room. I decided to text Niall.

 - babe we might not be able to do that date tomorrow. ~ Hailey<3

  - babe i understand why so it is up to you but you need to talk to your mom about this too. ~ Niall

    - i know i will when they get finnished with the test. i'll ask her if its okay. ~Hailey<3

     - i will help you too ~Niall

     - Okay thanks~ Hailey <3

    * TEN MINUTES LATER* " You can come in only two at a time". the doctor said. Me and Niall went first. All the boys know about this except for Liam. " Hey mom I got something to ask you" "What is it sweetie" "Well Me and Naill and the boys are trying to get Taylor and Liam together and we are going to that tomorrow what do you think" I said. "Well I saw how they look at eachother, y'all should." she said "Thanks mom but don't say anything to Taylor or Liam, Okay" I said


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