The new Kid (a one direction fanfiction)

Hailey Anderson lived in Virginia all her life, Intill her mom got a better job in Mullingar Ireland. Her best Taylor comes with them too. When the go to a new school they meet someone and it is one from there........ Is Ireland the new home for Hailey or is Virginia always going to be her home.


7. The group date

                     Taylor's POV

                    "Hailey do I really have to do this" I asked. " Yes you do Taylor. All the boys are going to" she said. YAY, Liam is going to be there. I got in my short purple prom dress. " Hailey can you zip me up"? I asked " Can you do the same for me "? she asked as she came inn my room. I got zipped up and so did she. "Thanks Taylor. Can you do my makeup and hair too." she asked "Yes can you do mine too." I asked. We did each others make up and hair. Then when we heard a knock at the door. It was time to leave I guess. We walked out of the house and I got into the car and so did Hailey. She sat up in the front with Niall. I sat in the back with Liam and the rest of the boys . I sat right beside Liam and Harry. I think I'm going to like tonight.

                                       Hailey's POV

                                          "Hey Niall" I said . "Hey love" He said back. Toniight is going to be a great night if Liam and Taylor hit it off. When we got to the restaurant we got out and talked before we went in. " Hey Liam" "What is it Hailey" "Can you and Taylor get all of us a table please, I forgot something in the car." " Okay Hailey. Come on Taylor" "Coming Liam" when they walked in I said " Okay guys all of us need to leave slowly like first, I will say that me and Niall need to go see my mom and see if she's okay, Then Harry and Louis can say that they want to see her too, but twenty minnutes after me and Niall, Same for you Zayn. Does everybody got the idea?" I said." Yep" everybody said together. All of us walked in and looked for Taylor and Liam. When we found them we all sat down. "Hailey what did you forget"? Taylor asked. " My phone" I put my phone in the air to show her I had it. " Oh just wondering" she said. *20 MINUTES LATER* It was time for me and Niall to go" Hey Taylor, Me and Niall's got to go to see my mom is that okay?" I said. "Yea thats fine. Tell her I said hey will you"? she said. "Okay Taylor". I said. "BYE EVERYONE" me and Niall screamed and we walked out. When we got to the car, Niall turned the car on and he moved it to the back of the restaruant.

       Louis' POV

   *20 MINUTES LATER* Me and Harry are supposed to leave twenty mintues after Hailey and Niall. " Me and Harry has to go I want to meet Hailey's Mom and so does Harry. So BYE!" "Okay bye Louis, bye Harry"! Taylor said back. When we walked out of the restaruant, we walked to Niall's car and got in. Now all we have to do is wait on Zayn and we are off.

                Zayns POV

          *20 MINUTES* I waited twenty minutes after Louis and Harry left to say" Well i got to leave.I want to meet Haileys mom too" "Okay zayn see you later" Liam said. I walked out the restaruant and saw Niall's car and got in and said "Vas Happenin" and they said "nothing" and then we were off to the hospital.

                 Liams POV

        Me and Taylor was sitting at the table all by ourselves. I finnialy had so courage to say " You look beauitful tonight Taylor." I started to blush and she did too. "Thanks Liam. You look handsome tonight " she said. We talked and talked. And I finnialy said " You know the first day we meet I thought there was something special between us" I started to say more untill she said" I thought the same thing too, I really like you." " I like you to, will you be my girlfriend?" she looked at me and said "Yes I would love too" When I called Niall and told him that we were through he came with the boys to pick us up. "Wheres Hailey?" I asked Niall. " Oh she at her house she said she has a headache so I'm going to drop off Taylor." "Okay" I said. When we got to Taylors house I walked he to the door and gave her a hug and I leant down and kissed her! It was like magic! This was the best night ever.

                                Taylor's POV

                               I walked in the house and Hailey is up watching Toy Stoy 2. Man she loves here disney movies. I walked in the living room and sat down beside her and said " Would you like to know how the date went". "Well yes but I wasn't trying to be to suspious. So how was it." ''It was awesome and he kissed me" I said. She didn't catch when I first said it but she caught it. " He KISSED YOU! No way your not lying are you Taylor" she asked. " NO I'm not lying Hailey". I said " Great now both of us have a boyfriend. Well good night I'm going to bed". she said Tonight was an awesome night


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