The new Kid (a one direction fanfiction)

Hailey Anderson lived in Virginia all her life, Intill her mom got a better job in Mullingar Ireland. Her best Taylor comes with them too. When the go to a new school they meet someone and it is one from there........ Is Ireland the new home for Hailey or is Virginia always going to be her home.


3. The Date

Niall's POV

                "Hailey said yes, Hailey said yes"! I sung without no tune. Louis was in the driver seat when I got to the car. Louis asked me " What were you singing about?" I looked at Louis and say " Remember when you and the boys said I should aske Hailey out?" "Yea so what does that mean" Louis said "THAT MEANS THAT HAILEY SAID YES AND IM GOING ON A DATE WITH HER TOMORROW AT 8" I yelled. " Good job Nialler, but you two aren't together yet" said. " Yea I know but i will ask her to be my girlfriend tomorrow" I said.Then the rest of the boys can and I stayed quiet for the rest of the ride home. When I got home I got a text from Hailey.

*Hailey*-Hey:) i need help on my homework. tomorrow or sunday can u help me with it? please! ~Hailey<3

* Me*- Hey;) sure i can help sunday would be best. see ya tomorrow , and wear someting fancy;) ~Niall

                   Hailey's POV

                                      "OMG TAYLOR COME HERE NOW" I yelled. "WHAT?" Taylor yelled back. "Guess what ?" "What" "Niall just said to me that tommorw wear something fancy! Can you believe it? What am I going to wear?" I said "Ohh wear that pink short dress you wore to prom, not the poffey one the slimming one". Of course taylor had a great idea on my outfit. "What about my shoes, hair, and makeup?" I asked. Taylor said "Your black high-heels and I will do your makeup and hair" she said." THank you TayTAY."

*THE NEXT DAY 6:00*- ''Taylor help I need your help!" I yelled. She came in my room and zipped me up. " Thanks Taylor, Only two more hours left" I said. " It will take about an hour and a half to do your hair and 30 minutes to do your makeup so thats 2hours so you will be ready, dont worry". Taylor said that calmed me down but not much. In the end, my hair was curled and I had only a small layer of makeup. " You look beautiful Hailey" my mom said. I was shooked my mom was of this weekend. "Thanks mom". It was 7:50 only ten minutes! *DING-DONG* " I got it " my mom yelled . OMG i can't have my mom embarssing me! I walked to the door and my mom was already talking to Niall great! "Hey Niall" I said before my mom could say anything else, " You ready to go"?  he asked. "Yea I am, oh wait let me grab my phone can Niall come in mom so he can so hello to Taylor?" I asked my mom " I guess he can" my mom said, I think se is trying to give me a hard time. "Hello Taylor" Niall said. " Hey Niall" Taylor said back. I grabed my phone and said, "Okay I'm ready". He grabed my hand and walked out the door. " You look very pretty tonight Hailey" Niall said while his face started to blush. AWW how cute! " You look hansome tonight Niall".

                      Niall's POV

                               "You look very pretty tonight Hailey" I said to her. I started to blush so did she. The after a moment she said "You look hansome tonight Niall" she said back. As I started to drive to this place I know around a lake that can make a romantic dinner for us. As I was driving I texted the managers son and asked "Can u set up a dinner for me and my date please"? He texted back and said "yes i can". And I started to drive to the lake. "Hailey...." I said,I was about to ask her out. "Yes Niall whats up" she asked " Would you like to be my girlfriend?" I asked . She looked at me and said " I would love to be". SHE SAID YES! "Okay I wold love to be your boyfriend". When I truned to the road to the lake she said " Are you taking me to lake or something"? "You will se when we get there" I said. When I put the car in park I got out and opened the door for her. Me and her walked to the gazebo and sat down at the table. She had and awstruck look." This place is beautiful Niall, did you plan all of this for me"? she asked. I said " Well yes because this is our first date I thought I should be romantic.." I was going to exspan more but before I could she said " This is very romantic and it is goingto special no matter what." she said. When we got our food we ate and talked. When we were finnished I asked if she would like to go on a walk before we go home, she said yes, we started to walk and only I knew what I was going to do, I was going to kiss her. We were walking and I said" You know when we first meet I thought you were cute like very cute"  I said. She started to blush like crazy and I looke at her and I leant in and kissed her. And she kissed back. It was like fireworks. We walked back to the car and I drove her home, I walke her to the door and kissed her good night.

                                    Hailey's POV

                                                    " Taylor I'm Home"! I yelled. She cam own stairs and said " SO how was it". I said " It was perfect and he kissed me" she caught as soon as i said it " HE KISSED YOU'' she yelled. "Yes he did and dont be so loud Taylor'' I whispered. " I got to go tobed Taylor, Tomorrow NIall is coming over to help me with my Math homework, Okay" I said. " OKay''. I went up to my room and changed into my PJ's and went to bed. I hope tomorrow is awesome like today I said to myself and went staright asleep.

                                         Niall's POV

                                                       After droping Hailey off I went home so I can go to sleep. When I got home the  boys asked how it went and I said good and that I kissed her and now we're dating. I told them that I had to go to bed so I can wake up early so I can help Hailey with her Math homework. I went to my room and changed into some sweats and went to bed. I went straight to asleep.

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