The new Kid (a one direction fanfiction)

Hailey Anderson lived in Virginia all her life, Intill her mom got a better job in Mullingar Ireland. Her best Taylor comes with them too. When the go to a new school they meet someone and it is one from there........ Is Ireland the new home for Hailey or is Virginia always going to be her home.


12. Spring break

                                      Naill's POV

                                                 I am spending my spring break with my beautiful girlfriend Hailey and my best mates! This week I'm going to take Hailey to meet my mom. I'm so excited, she is too. " Babe can you pass me, my make-up and hair straightener, Please!" I handed her the straightener but not the make-up. " Where is my make-up babe?" " You dont need it babe " " Yes I do please" " Nope, me and my mom don't like girls that cover up there faces." " Okay fine!" we continued to pack untill she said " Niall I'm finnished. I'm going to get dressed for the car ride" "Wear something comfy babe" "Okay thanks" .

                                       Hailey's POV

                                                        I went into the bathroom and changed. Great period time. I changed into an pair of Areopostale sweatpants, a Areopostale shirt , a hoodie, and a pair of converses. I done my hair in a french braid. I looked around trying to find my makeup and I couldn't find it. I got my bag of toiletries and walked out of the bathroom to put my bags in the car, but I was to late. Niall have already took them when I was in the bathroom, he walked back in and said " Anything else " he looked at me and saw my bag and I handed to him " Thanks babe." " Your welcome, did you find your makeup" he said with a smirk on his face " No I didn't " " Okay just wondering" he said as he left. I got my purse that I rarely carry around and went downstairs to find the guys and Taylor watching Toy Story 3, Liam's choice probably. " Hey Hailey Vas Happenin" Zayn screamed. " Nothing. I'm going to miss you guys" I walked over and gave them all hugs and I ran to Taylor and Liam and jumpped in both of there laps " Im going to miss you Taylor and Liam" I yelled as  I hugged Taylor " Bye Hailey and Niall" they all yelled back as me and Niall walked out the door.  Two weeks of spring break and one of them I'm spending it with Niall. Usualy there is only one in Virginia. We walked to Niall's car and i got in the passengers seat, and when Niall got in me and he kissed and held hands while he was driving. I closed my eyes for a bit and I started to drift asleep.

                                          Niall's POV

                                                  Hailey fell asleep on the car ride there. Whem we got there, my mom came out the door an hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheeck. " Where's Hailey, Niall. Shouldn't she be out of the car?" " Look in the passengers seat mom". She went to the front of the car and looked in the car. " Ohh I understand. Do you want me to wake her up?" " No mom, Hailey is harded to get up after she falls asleep." " You are the same way Niall" " Yea I know, but she is already nervous and I don't think she can get any worse." " Why is she nervous" " Because of meeting you and my family duhh" " Oh ok I will be in the house if you need me Niall." " Okay mom" she walked in the house. I opened the boot of the car and started to get the car. After I was done I closed the boot and went to the passengers seat to find Hailey just walking up. " Hey Hailey we're here you ready?" " Yea I guess. Babe you got my back right." " Yea." I got my bags and she got her's and I grabed her hand and said " Here we go" and we both walked to the front door.

                                      Hailey's POV

                                          " Here we go" Niall said as we walked to the front door. We walked in to see food and what I'm guessing is his brother Greg and his mother Marua. I was hungry too. Niall talked and I stayed quiet untill I was spoke to " So Hailey, how is my brother Niall treating you." " Really good ." I answered. His mom finnialy spoke and said " That's good ever since he meet you he would call me and never stop talking about you either". I felt heat on my cheeks, Niall started to blush and he said '' Mom really you had to bring that up" he said kinda annoyed, But his brother said " I'm Hungry how about you Niall" " Yea I'm hungry too'' we all walked to the dining room table and sat down, I sat right in the middle of Niall and Marua. After we were done eating Niall and Greg said " Thanks for the food mom" " Thanks for the food Miss. Horan" " Your welcome, and sweetie you don't have to call me ' Miss. Horan' call me Marua." " Okay" . i got really tired and asked Niall " Where  is your room Naill?" " Oh I will show you Hailey, I forgot to earlier. Come with me." he gestured '' Goodnight Hailey." Marua said. " Are you coming back down here Niall?" " No mom I'm kinda tired myself ." " Okay see you two tomorrow morning." Marua said. Me and Niall walked up to his old room and went in it and i went staight to bed and fell asleep.


         " Hailey we're over get out'' Niall yelled " Why " I asked. I started to cry " Because I don't like you anymore I love Taylor.'' When he said Taylor I started to cry even worse. Taylor walked and I screamed " YOU BITCH I SHOULD KICK YOUR ASS! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO TELL LIAM" Liam came in as I said that he came up to me and said " What are y'all yelling about. They started to kiss and I nearly died, Liam screamed " HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME TAYLOR? YOU SLUT!" I had enough I ran up to Taylor and threw a punch at her and I broke her nose. I said " I HOPE YOU TWO ARE HAPPY TOGETHER! A SLUT AND DOUCHEBAG!" I ran out of the house      

                                                                                            * END OF DREAM*

                                                   Niall's POV

                                                                    I woke up to Hailey screaming . ' A SLUT AND A DOUCHEBAG' and crying in the progress and the she woke up and started to cry harder. I hugged her and said "Babe it  was just a dream, it was just a dream" she looked at me and said " But it looked.. so real!" she cried. " What was is about?" " You said that it was over, between us, then you said, ' Because I don't like you anymore I love Taylor, she walked in and I called he a bitch and said I would kick her ass, Liam walked in and aske what was I yelling about, he saw you and her kissing and called her a slut, and I called you a douchebag, and I ran out of the house," " Really?" she nodded her head yes. " You know that , that will never happend."  she hugged me and said " I love you Niall" " I love you too Hailey" and then we both drifted to sleep, in eacth others arms.


                                       Niall's POV

                                            I woke up to the smell of food. I got up and went downstairs, my mom was cooking. I went up to her and asked " What's for breakfast?" " You would like to know" " Yes I would mom" " Pancakes" " Do you want me to get up Hailey?" " Yes I would, you don't need to eat them all." " Okay mom "  I walked up to my room to get Hailey. I opened the door to hear the shower running, probably Hailey taking a shower. I waited untill she came out of the bathroom, " Hey beautiful, how was your shower?" " OMG! Niall you scared the living shit out of me." " Sorry babe, I came up here to get you up to eat, not to scare you to death." " Oh ok, what's for breakfast?" " Pancakes" " Ok and by the way, to answer your question, my shower was good"

                                           Hailey's POV

                                                                " Ok and by the way, to answer your question, my shower was good." I got dressed into, a pair of skinny jeans, neon pink TOMS, and a pink Hollister shirt. Niall was still in his sweatpants and t-shirt. We went downstairs to eat breakfast. The pancakes were absolutly delicous. " Thanks Mom!" Niall said " Thank Marua" I said " Your welcome" she said to both of us. " What are you two doing today, Niall" she asked . " Well I was thinking about showing Hailey around Westmeath." he said. " That  would be a great idea Niall" she said . I have never been around Westmeath, no even when I first came here. Then I started to think of my mom, I started to tear up. Niall saw me tear up and gave me a hug, it helped a little but not much.

                                 *THAT FRIDAY*

                                                        Hailey's POV

                                                                             Today is the day we leave Niall's mom's house. It was really nice here and I didn't want to leave, but Niall had to go back to his flat and get ready for school. Niall got tthe last bag in the car it was time to say bye. " Bye Niall." " Bye Mom love you " " Love you too" they gave eachother a hug." Bye Hailey" " Bye Marua" we hugged. Niall opened the car door for me and I got in. Niall gave his mom  one more hug and he got in. When he got in the car I asked " What are we doing next week?" " Probably hangout with the guys, maybe go out for dinner, I don't know yet" " Oh okay just wondering" and that's all we said the entire ride back. Untill I heard a song by One Direction, it was really catchey. I was humming the song untill the chorus came " Tonight let's get some, and Live While We're Young." I said. Niall looked at me and started to laugh. "What is so funny?" " You sounded like you've heard that song a million times" " Oh I have" " And you didn't know who One Direction was" " Yep that's true" " Wow Hailey" "What " " You didn't know who One Direction was, but yet you know this song" " Yes is that a problem?" " No it isn't " " Okay then" and I kept humming the song, untill it was over. " Did you like my mom?" " She was really nice and sweet, of course I liked her" " Okay good. When will I get to meet your father?" " My father died five years ago" " Oh Hailey I didn't know I'm so sorry" " It's okay but you might meet my brother" " You have a brother?" " Yea he's my mom and dad's first born, His name is David. He's four years older than me." " So he's 22" " Yea why" " Oh just saying" I have to call my brother and see if he would like to meet Niall. Maybe this summer. " Hey Niall maybe this summer we can go to Virginia " " Yea I would love to" Okay good now me and Niall have a plan this summer.

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