The new Kid (a one direction fanfiction)

Hailey Anderson lived in Virginia all her life, Intill her mom got a better job in Mullingar Ireland. Her best Taylor comes with them too. When the go to a new school they meet someone and it is one from there........ Is Ireland the new home for Hailey or is Virginia always going to be her home.


2. Packing Up

               Hailey's POV

                                     I was so excited that Taylor is going to Ireland with us! She is getting her clothes packed up, and i have to get my room and bathroom. Great. We are leaving to the airport in 2:00 in the morning and it is 8:30 pm and Taylor and I are getting ready for bed, when Taylor says out of no where " Hailey, what if we meet anybody cute and we both like him what will we do?" she said. Wow, I can't believe she just asked me that, "Well, I just think we should just wait untill you or me see someone we like even more and we can date both of them in peace." I said just thought of that right off the top. "Okay thats sounds like a great idea Hailey". She said. Then when I was done packing it was 9:40, it only took me and hour and ten minutes. And then i set my alarm for 1:30 and said good night and I fell asleep by 10:00, I was out like a light.


             Taylor's POV

                                     I woke up at 1:00 to Hailey's mom moving her boxes. I got up and went to her old bathroom and looked in the mirror, My dirty blonde hair was a mess, so I put it up in a mess bun. I was still in my PJ's and I changed into my areopostale sweatpants and a finch t-shirt and then a Hollister sweatshirt. Now here was the difficult part of mornings, wakeing Hailey up. I needed Miss. Anderson's help with this, we both woke her up all though it was 1:20 she got dressed and she was good to go and it was 1:30 and it takes 20 minutes to get to our airport. By the time we got there it was 1:50 only ten minutes untill we're going to be out of the U.S.A. How sad. * 5 HOURS LATER* We are in Ireland and wow what a beautiful place it was! We were in Mullingar and we parked in front of our new house it was two stories! There were 3 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms with all of them connected(not the bedrooms just the bedrooms and the bathrooms)! I think I might Like It here!


                                                            First we went to the grocery store to get some food of course. Then we stopped by the car dearlership and bought 2 cars one for me and Taylor and one for mom. I bought mine with my own money! I bought a 2013 Jeep soft top ( convertible) and my mom bought a 2009 ford focus.Then we went back home and put all the groceries up, me and Taylor plan out our outfits for school tomorrow. I hope tomorrow was awesome like today. *THE NEXT MORNING* "WAKE UP TAYLOR WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE" I yelled. I was already dressed, now just doing my makeup and hair. "TAYLOR''! I yell again and i hear her get up and get ready. Taylor and I got in my Jeep ( I drove) and we were of to school. I wore light purple pants, black TOMS, and a white fitch shirt. My hair was straight as a needle and my makeup was very then, hardly any on.When we got to the school we got our class schedule and our locker numbers and codes.My first class was Math, great I was teribble at math. I took my seat and then I saw a boy and he look cute but that was my oppion and the my teacher Mr. Lockheart said that he will be my tourguide as you can call it. He's name was Niall Horan. The teacher moved the guy I sat beside and moved Niall too(beside of me to help me) He was really nice and he asked alot of questions like where was I from , my birthdate, and if i had a boyfriend (like an idiot I said no). He asked me if I would like to sit with him and his friends, I said yes. At lunch I saw Taylor and I asked her if she would like to sit with me, Niall,and his friends. She says yes and then she said "You've already have friends and I dont except one and his name is Liam Payne." she said. I asked " Is he nice?" she answered back with a "duhh"! When i found Niall, Taylor and I sat down and knowing us , Niall and Liam are great friends. Niall's other friends are Louis, Zayn, and Harry. They were very nice and when I mean nice I meant nice, and everyone asked for me and Taylors number! When it was time to leave Naill walked me to my car and said goodbye. When me and Taylor got in the car she asked "So what do you think of Niall and his friends?" I answered back saying " I like them but Harry flirts to much, do you think so?" said answered back" Yes." *FRIDAY AFTERNOON* Today Niall walked me to my car and asked " Would you like to go out on a date with me?" I liked him alot and i sai"Sure where are we going?'' He said '' You'll find out." I asked him what time he said tomorrow night at 8. I gave him my address so he can come and pick me up.When he left I got in my car and Taylor gets in and asked me "What are you smiling about?" i answered back " I have a date with Niall tomorrow night at 8"! we both screamed and laught. The whole way home we talked about the date tomorrow! I think this date is going to be perrfict I thought.

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